Royal Australian Mint Commemorative Coins

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Australian Mint Commemorative Coins

Bullion Exchanges proudly offers an array of gold coins from the esteemed Royal Australian Mint. These commemorative gold coins from the Mint “down-under” continuously add product diversity and excitement to collectors worldwide. These Royal Australian Mint Commemorative coins come in a variety of weights and denominations. We highly recommend exploring all our listings for RAM gold coins. You will discover the wide range of options provided for these gold commemorative coins.

History of the Royal Australian Mint

The Royal Australian Mint began minting commemorative coins in 1970 with a 50 cent coin. This 50 cent coin marked the 200th anniversary of James Cook’s exploration of the eastern coast of Australia. Additionally, many more Royal Australian Mint Commemorative coins have been minted since 1970. These beautiful RAM Gold Coins provide great interest for many coin aficionados. The denomination for these commemorative gold coins vary. They include 5 cent, 10 cent, 20 cent, 25 cent, 50 cent, 1 dollar, and 2 dollar coins. The Royal Australian Mint minted a large number of commemorative coins almost every year since 1970. Furthermore, they are still minting them today!

Designs of the Commemorative Coins

Popular designs of the Royal Australian Mint Commemorative coins include coins honoring the Sydney Olympics, major sporting events, animals native to Australia. In addition, many depictions feature significant celebrations such as royal weddings and anniversaries of expeditions. The Australian Royal Mint generally refuses to display individuals on their coins other than the members of the Royal Family. However, the Mint makes exceptions for coins that mark the anniversary of the birth or a significant historical event in that person’s life.


Royal Australian Mint Gold Products

The Royal Australian Mint (opened 1965) produces a well-known Lunar Series of gold coins. Recent coins in the gold lunar series from the RAM include Year of the Monkey gold coins (2016), Year of the Rooster gold coins (2017), and Year of the Dog gold coins (2018). Additionally, the RAM mints a Gold Kangaroo coin in a Veriscan assay. Explore all of the Royal Australian Mint gold and silver products Bullion Exchanges offers!