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Christmas Gold and Silver Deals


Christmastime is a natural time of rest and feasting. Humans in the past would have been done with harvest work for the year and had more time to devote to religious life. Lights, decor, and luxurious foods make the darkness of the year seem a bit brighter. 

Christmas has a rich history and a complicated timeline. It is celebrated in modern times on December 24 and 25th as well as January 7th and 19th, depending on one's denomination. 


For Christians, December 25th of each year marks a particular time to celebrate Jesus Christ born on this day. Christmastide (The twelve days of Christmas), the Advent, and the Nativity Fast all commemorate around this day. Jesus was said to be born in Bethlehem in a stable when there was no room for Mary and Joseph at the Inn. Angels told of the good news to shepherds, who then came to see the baby Jesus and bring gifts. Christians believe that Jesus was the Son of God and came into this world to atone for the sin of all humanity. Many believe this day was picked to compete with the Winter Solstice. 


Pagans celebrated around this time of year, and Christians were fascinated by these traditions. So while Christians worked to convert Pagans into Christianity, they adopted many of the festive traditions we know today. This includes the yule log, holly, mistletoe, and more.


"Oh, for he was a jolly old soul." Santa Claus, the portly, jolly, and gift-giving man that we know now is said to stem from Saint Nicolas of Myra. Saint Nicolas was a Christian bishop in ancient Greece. The famous story is that he left gold coins in the house of a penniless man with three daughters. The gold coins helped the daughters to marry. Saint Nicolas left the coins in their socks drying over the fireplace. A tradition jolly old Saint Nick still does today (although not all children are lucky enough to receive gold coins!)


Later, the story of the priest merged with the God of Germanic tradition, who had a long white beard and winter clothing.


Santa Claus has close ties to what Italians called the Grandmother, a deity in her community at the time. She filled children's stockings and socks with gifts. After Saint Nicolas died, they replaced her gravesite with his bones. 


Christian and non-Christian traditions around this holiday are aplenty.

  • Advent calendar or wreath

Advent calendars signify the advent season that ends with the Christmas or the Christmastide season.

  • Santa Claus

Santa was "invented" in 1809. In 1822, Clement Moore wrote the famous book Twas the Night Before Christmas. Today millions of children read this book on Christmas Eve. By 1931, a Coca Cola commercial showcased the modern Santa.

  • Gift-giving 

Gift-giving used to be on New Year's Day. However, during the Victorian Era, Queen Victoria gave her children and husband gifts on Christmas Eve. Additionally, gifts on Christmas signify the gifts shepherds gave Jesus the day he was born. 

  • Christmas cards 

The tradition of exchanging Christmas cards started around 1844. Retailers soon picked up on it. 

  • Snowman

Making a snowman has perhaps been around since the beginning of man. Many people used snow as a form of art since art supplies were not always easy or accessible to come by. In fact, Michelangelo made a snowman for the ruler of Florence. 

  • Eggnog

What is now a drink of the masses, used to be reserved for the Elite. Mainly because of the expensive ingredients (at the time). British aristocrats indulged in this creamy and warm drink and often used brandy and sherry in it to keep from spoiling. However, in the 1700s, colonists in America started drinking it. They used rum to make it more cost-effective. 

  • Christmas Cookies

The winter holidays have always been a time of feast and delicious foods. When Christmas replaced pagan holidays in mainstream culture, people started adding in desserts. At the time, ingredients like sugar, butter, and lard were expensive and a "special treat" for the holiday season. Bakers also experimented with rich spices like nutmeg and cinnamon.

  • Cookies & Milk for Santa

Leaving out cookies with milk for Santa is said to stem from medieval Germany when children left out cookies and milk for the Norse God Odin during Yule season. Parents used it to teach gratitude for blessings and consideration of others. 

  • Church and religious services 

 A time to honor and remember all that Jesus did.

  • Christmas tree & lights; Holly 

Evergreen tree ferns and holly were initially used to decorate the inside of a home during the winter. The Christian story is that Martin Luther introduced trees to the Reformation Church one Christmas Eve when he brought home a tree for his family. As he walked through the woods, he noticed how the trees sparkled with the stars. The beauty of the scene inspired him to use a tree and candles to recreate the vision in his home. 

Another take on Christmas trees and holly takes us back to 17th century Germany. Pagans would bring greenery inside to decorate during the winter. Germans started using trees to for decor.

  • Mistletoe 

From Roman times, when kissing under the mistletoe, both relationships and friendships are restored. During the 18th century, men were allowed to kiss any woman standing under the mistletoe. It was bad luck if the woman refused.

  • The Lighting of Candles 

Light in a time of darkness; the Light of the World (Jesus Christ)

  • Other Traditions

Wearing red, Christmas music & caroling, Nativity decor and plays, ringing bells, hanging Christmas stockings (usually hung on the fireplace), candy canes, and a dinner feast with loved ones. 


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