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A clad coin is easy to see; look to the middle. You’ll find an inner core of pure copper in between two outer layers of metal alloys that look very similar to silver. The metals are mostly nickel and zinc. Clad coins are used both in circulation and made as special collector editions. In fact, the US Mint strikes proof sets each year of these well-known coins with gorgeous frosted and mirrored finishes.

Although once deemed the “ugly sibling” of collector coins, clad coins are becoming much more popular today as collector pieces. Before 1965, coins were 90% silver. That all changed thanks to the Coinage Act of 1965 when the US treasury realized that people were hoarding these silver coins instead of spending them. 


Why buy a clad proof set?

  • These clad proof collector sets feature our beloved “everyday” coinage in the precise proof method of production--giving these coins an exclusive look and feel.

  • Proof coins are made to be seen, used as souvenirs, gifts, and for collection purposes.

  • Coins that come in these sets are in perfect condition, have never been circulated, and original government packaging protects them from damage.

  • Clad coins in uncirculated condition are becoming a popular way to add to new or existing collections, and are an easily affordable way to collect coins.



Imagine real silver, worth more than the face value of a coin, in production. It’s no wonder coins back then were hoarded instead of spent. 1959 saw the beginning of coin shortages, and despite US Mint efforts to keep up with demand, silver reserves were quickly dwindling. To keep from running out, President Lyndon B. Johnson urged Congress to enact a law to remove silver from dimes and quarter dollars. Additionally, the half dollar went from 90% silver to 40% silver, and eventually zero silver in 1970. 


A coin from the US Mint means connecting with history, freedom, and richly detailed stories of America’s history. Since 1792, the US Mint has struck both coinage and bullion for the United States. With a reputation of high-quality bullion, collectors and investors know their investment is safe with these precious metal pieces. The US Mint currently has four production facilities: Philadephia, Denver, San Francisco, and West Point. 




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