Star Wars Silver Coins

The New Zealand Mint

As the single, privately owned mint in New Zealand since 1967, this mint proudly refers to itself as the “Minters of the South Pacific” for four decades. The New Zealand Mint is among the first few refineries to undertake the high .9999 purity standard for gold coins. It is also one of the most competitive mints that produces high-quality and innovative products in the world. The New Zealand Mint is known for its famous coin collections including the Disney Coins, Chibi Silver Coins, and Double Dragon Coins.

Silver Star Wars Coins

This fantastic bullion series began in 2011 by the New Zealand Mint, and it is officially licensed by Disney. These fun coins put the spotlight on the most popular, best-known, and beloved characters (and space ships!) from the Star Wars film and TV show franchise. Among the top ten highest-grossing film series, George Lucas set the scene for this story in “a galaxy far, far, away”. The first film premiered in 1977 and kicked off a science fiction boom that echoes decades later. The Star Wars films were considered so important that the US National Film Registry has archived them for their cultural importance and impact. 

Some of the coins released in the series that Bullion Exchanges carries include the Stormtrooper coins, Darth Vader coins, Princess Leia coins, and Boba Fett coins. You can grab your favorite characters or secure them all as the series progresses! As Yoda once said, do or do not, there is no try. So if you want to collect all the Star Wars Coins, trust Bullion Exchanges to help!

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