Chibi Silver Coins

Chibi Silver Coins

The Chibi Silver Coin series debuted in 2020 to spotlight the top characters in pop culture. Varying from fantasy to SciFi and comic books, the Silver Chibi New Zealand Coins began with the first two releases of Batman and Harry Potter coins. Every coin in this collection is produced with .999 fine silver and weighs 1 troy ounce

Also, every coin features a colorized illustration on the reverse in the Japanese Chibi art style. This popular style creates an adorable rendition of each character. The conventions of this style typically involve enlarging the character’s head so it is bigger than their body, making the eyes the most prominent feature of the face, having a slightly “chubbier” body, and shrinking the character’s height. This design gives the effect of a young, child-like design even if the character is an adult. 

Furthermore, the coins all arrive with special mint-issued boxes that house the coin. These boxes are windowed and styled based on the character chosen for the coin. As a result, you have the option of displaying these officially licensed collectible coins from the safety of their thematic box. Stay tuned for more NZ Mint Chibi Silver Coins, with Bullion Exchanges!

Harry Potter

Harry Potter is also known as The Boy Who Lived. Orphaned when he was an infant, Harry Potter is part of a prophecy that says he will cause the destruction of the main antagonist, the Dark Lord, Voldemort. After Harry is notified about his acceptance, he attends The Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. There he learns about the practice of magic and who he really is. With the help of his remaining family, friends, and professors, he learns and grows to repeatedly stand up to the evil-doers of the magical realm.

The Harry Potter series spans seven main books and one play. Later, this novel collection expanded into video games, films, and a spin-off film series known as Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. 

DC Comics

DC Comics began in 1939 founded by Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson. Originally, it was called National Allied Publications, but later it was renamed after the initials of the Detective Comic series. Although the first superhero from DC Comics was Superman, the company went with DC Comics from the Batman series as opposed to Superman’s “Action Comics.” In its nearly century-long history, DC Comics is rivaled mostly by Marvel in the US. DC is beloved for its comics, graphic novels, television series, video games, and films in addition to their numerous collectibles and costumes. 

DC continues to make comics and new stories to this day. It has a pool of thousands of superheroes and villains in addition to smaller series either separate or loosely connected to the main DC Universe, such as the Sandman comics. Widely celebrated, fans often cosplay DC Comics characters at comic book and video game conventions.  

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