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About Chinese Silver Panda Coins

Chinese Silver Panda Coins are without a doubt China’s the most beloved coin series. Following the success of the Chinese Gold Panda coin, the Chinese Mint also issued a proof .900 pure Chinese Silver Proof Panda coin in 1983. Today, this coin is made from .999 fine silver and still honors the country’s loveliest symbol – the adorable panda bear. Due to this feature, these captivating Chinese Silver Coins quickly became very famous on the precious metals market.

Sold in brilliant uncirculated condition and shipped individually, in monster boxes, or in sealed sheets to protect their unique quality, the Chinese Silver Pandas are a wonderful gift for special occasions, such as birthdays or weddings. Although the Chinese Mint originally issued them in a 1 oz. size, in 2016, these superb pieces began to be minted in a 30-gram size to increase their appeal to international customers. They are additionally being also struck in several other gram weights.

Design of Chinese Silver Panda Coins

Since its design changes regularly, excluding the 2001 and 2002 issues, the Chinese Silver Panda is highly desired by collectors and investors around the world. This timeless coin has been produced in many types, from uncirculated versions to proof, colored and privy marked silver pandas. The reverse side of the coin features a detailed depiction of the oldest Chinese Taoist Temple in Beijing, the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest of the Temple of Heaven. Along with the temple’s image is the inscription “The People’s Republic of China”.

The obverse of the coin features the image of the beloved panda bear, which changes each year. For example, the 2013 Silver Panda contained the image of 3 panda bears drinking water against a bamboo backdrop, the 2014 Silver Panda was shown holding onto a large piece of bamboo, while in the 2015 edition,  the panda was chewing a small piece of bamboo. The latest 2016 Chinese Silver Panda Coin features an image of a panda climbing on a branch, and the 2017 release showcased a panda resting on a branch of bamboo. The unique, artistically detailed designs featured on the Chinese Silver Panda coin make it a highly desirable option of Chinese silver coins among collectors.

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