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About the Chinese Panda Gold Coin

Chinese Gold Coins are world-famous due to their remarkable gold bullion – the Chinese Gold Panda Coin. Minted by the People’s Republic of China, they were first released in 1982 and instantly became highly favored by investors being a savvy way to expand a collection while also having a sensation collectible and conversation piece.

In 1983, the Chinese Mint also introduced the 1/20 oz. weight option. Every year, except for one, the reverse design of the coin has changed. In 2001, China announced the freeze of the coin’s design and released the same design in 2002.  However, collectors didn’t agree with this change and their insistence convinced China to return to its practice of redesigning the coin in next year.

Chinese Gold Pandas are Chinese legal tender coins, with face values between 500 and 5 Yan, made of .999 pure gold and produced in several facilities, including Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, and Shenyang. These outstanding China Gold Panda coins are usually produced in Proof-like Brilliant Uncirculated condition but are also available in commemorative and silver editions.

The annual release of a different Panda coin design is highly appreciated by investors and collectors who strive to see the new interpretation and amass a sizeable collection. The availability of the coin varies from year to year because the quantities of Gold Panda Coins released by the Chinese Mint varies each year.

Main Sizes of the Chinese Panda Gold Coins

Chinese Panda Gold Coins have been manufactured in several weight options. Since their debut, in 1982, Chinese Gold Pandas have been produced in fractional sizes of 1/10 oz., ¼ oz. and ½ oz., as well as the most popular 1 troy ounce size. In 1983, the fractional 1/20 oz. was added to the China Gold Panda Coin series. In accordance with their sizes, the coins’ face values are 5, 50, 100, 200 and 500 Yuan. Moreover, this remarkable coin has also been minted in larger sizes of 5 ounces, 12 ounces, and 1 kg. However, in 2016 the Chinese Mint adopted the metric system and replaced the troy ounce weights with gram sizes:

  • 1 gram replaced the 1/20 oz.
  • 3 grams replaced the 1/10 oz.
  • 8 grams replaced the ¼ oz.
  • 15 grams replaced the ½ oz.
  • 30 grams replaced the 1 oz.

The new weights also changed the coins’ diameters, while their thickness stayed the same.

The Design of the Chinese Panda Coin

The obverse side of Chinese Gold Panda coin features a detailed depiction of the Temple of Heaven from Beijing, specifically the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest. The image of the temple is surrounded by the mintage year mark and an inscription of the Chinese words meaning the “People’s Republic of China”.

The most unique feature of the Chinese Panda Gold Coin which makes it very desired by collectors is its yearly changing reverse side design, each time depicting a new scene from the wildlife of the most well-known, yet rare Chinese animal – the gorgeous panda. This beautiful mammal is beloved for its innocence and natural appearance, meek temperament, and distinctive coloring. The Chinese Gold Panda coin celebrates the life of this endangered animal with an endeavoring touch, unique and incredibly detailed reverse design. The 2016 Gold Chinese Panda Coin features the image of a Panda bear climbing a fallen tree branch with a bountiful wall of bamboo stalks in the background. On the reverse side of the coin are also engraved the size and the denomination of the coin. Another special characteristic is that these sensational coins do not markings about the mint’s facility of production. However, some slightly noticeable differences, like the date’s size, metal’s color or the Temple of Heaven’s design can help you distinguish which facility minted the coins.

If you have any questions about these uniquely designed Chinese Panda Gold Coins, please do not hesitate to contact us at 800.852.6884. You can also reach a Bullion Exchanges customer service associate online through our live chat feature, or by email at [email protected].