Predator Series Silver Coins

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The Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) announced the release of the much anticipated Silver Predator Coin Series at the World Fair in Berlin, Germany in 2016. RCM will cap the limited-mint series at 1 million. Therefore, investors should purchase before these silver coins are sold out. Extremely popular with collectors, these coins contain .9999 pure silver purity, a $5 (CAN) face value, beautiful designs and the weight of 1 troy ounce. Silver coins are perfect for both investments as they are easily stackable, and for gifts, as they are just as beautiful. Therefore, coin collectors and investors can rest assured that purchasing the RCM Silver Predator Coin Series will be a smart investment choice.



From the Cougar to the Lynx to the Wolf, the RCM Silver Predator Coin Series is sure to delight. The Royal Canadian Mint who mints these coins is known for their unique designs and attention to detail. Three of the four predator silver coins, highly sought for their collectability, are available now. The reverse of this coin displays the powerful and majestic creatures from this silver coin series. In addition, you can find the wording “CANADA,” “9999”, “FINE SILVER” AND “1 OZ ARGENT PUR”. Let’s take a look!



The first release in 2016 was the majestic and powerful cougar. The cougar is a beautiful and elusive creature which makes its home in the Rocky Mountains and on Canada’s west coast. It is also known as a mountain lion or puma. It is the fourth largest cat in the world today, about the size of a leopard. Most importantly, the cougar is a beloved creature known for its beauty and grace. A skilled hunter with superb vision, the cougar can hung any time day or night.


The second in this series released in 2017, is the Lynx from Damstra Coin. The lynx is a medium-sized majestic and secretive cat finding its home in the boreal forests of Canada and state of Alaska. Beautiful, solitary, and a skilled hunter, the Lynx is one of Canada's favorite predators. This Lynx is a creature of beauty with it’s name reflective of it’s eyes, meaning “brightness” and “light”. This medium-sized cat is calm, adaptable, and skilled at hunting it’s prey. Designed by Emily Damstra, you can see on this silver predator coin the long ears, thick coat, and unique features.



The Canadian Silver Wolf Coin is the newest 2018 release and the third in the series. Designed by Nathalie Legace, this polished coin displays the wolf’s fierce canines, thick coat of fur, and strong features. Gray wolves are very large weighing between 79 and 99 pounds at adulthood. Known also as the timber wolf and western wolf, it makes it home in North America. There are 50,000 wolves in Canada, both feared and loved creatures of mystery. The wolf is a graceful, strong and intelligent predator who lives in packs and protects its territory.Wolves are highly intelligent and social creatures, often heard howling together on another grand adventure. This fearless predator is a favorite among collectors.  With the release of only 300,000 coins, this wolf silver predator coin is considered very low mintage.



The obverse of the Silver Predator Coin Series features a portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II designed in 2003 by Susanna Blunt. The obverse also reads “5 DOLLARS”, “2018”, “ELIZABETH II,” AND “D.G. REGINA.” These coins are Brilliant Uncirculated (BU) condition. Security features included are radial lines stemming from the center and a micro-laser engraved Maple Leaf Security Mark. Individual coins come in plastic flips. Coins of 25 each come in mint-issues rolls. Coins of 500 come in mint-issued boxes. Immense demand will make these silver coins go fast.


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