Russian Palladium Coins

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Nearly half of the world’s supply of palladium comes from Russia. So, why not buy palladium coins from one of the main sources with a wonderful Russian palladium coin? Palladium is a great precious metal with high industrial usage, but that does not exclude it as a precious metal to collect. Most investors look to gold and silver when they want to expand their collection. Palladium, which was only discovered in the 1800s, is an up-and-coming investment for collectors. When you buy Russian palladium coins, you will add astonishing diversity to your portfolio.  


Russia is one of the top producers of palladium in the world alongside South Africa. On top of that, Russia is among the first countries to strike palladium coins for the world. The majority of Russian palladium coins were minted at the Moscow Mint. Add an impressive coin to your portfolio from this country to be among a select few investors in the world who venture to buy Russian palladium coins.


These coins truly capture Russia’s drive for perfection through the illustration of a ballerina portraying Princess Odette from the famous Swan Lake. These Russian palladium coins were struck in 1989 until 1995 even though the Soviet Union dissolved at the end of 1991. These coins are beloved by collectors because they make up a key part of history that represents a former world superpower. On top of that, these coins are incredibly difficult to collect because of their low mintage and limited production years. 


This coin honors Vladimir the Great’s monument.  Also known as Saint Vladimir, he is credited with introducing Christianity to Russia. He stands tall, proudly bearing the Christian cross overlooking a winding river. As a truly iconic symbol, this coin will add something to talk about not only for the striking image, but also for its high palladium content.


Emperor Peter I, also known as "Peter the Great,” stands in front of a port, as he founded the first Russian Naval Base. This coin series commemorates the 500th anniversary of the Russian state with Peter the Great, who is considered to be one of the greatest leaders of Russia. With a limited mintage of 12,000, these coins are not something to pass up.


These coins were minted in 1989 to celebrate five centuries of the Russian federation. The obverse displays the Soviet Coat of Arms. On the other side, the reverse bears the portrait of Ivan the III (Ivan the Great). He reigned from April 5th, 1462 until October 27th, 1505, and his portrait showcases Ivan the Great on his throne. These legal tender coins have a limited mintage of 12,000 by the Leningrad Mint. 


Investing in palladium coins is an adventure in and of itself. Russian palladium coins additionally are extremely uncommon in Western nations. If you are interested in palladium coins, you might want to add a Russian palladium coin to your collection for extra diversity and value. Bullion Exchanges also offers palladium coins to you from the Royal Canadian Mint, US Mint, and Chinese Mint. We also carry palladium bars if you would prefer this method to buy palladium. Don’t forget to check out our deals page!