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Egyptian Gold Coins

King Tut 1993 50 pound Proof Gold Coin

Get your hands on the gorgeous King Tut gold proof coin today! King Tutankhamun ruled from 1333 to 1323 B.C. and was famous worldwide after the discovery of his tomb. This coin is 90% fine gold. Additionally, it comes from a coin series from 1993-1994 released from Egypt to pay tribute to one of the greatest ancient civilizations we know of today. The reverse features Tut in a royal headdress, and the obverse showcases Egyptian symbols with the dates 1993-AH1414. These are limited proofs, so you’ll want to get your hands on them quickly.

Cleopatra Proof Gold Coin

Known for her exquisite and famous beauty written about in Shakespeare and Hollywood movies, Cleopatra ruled from 51 to 30 B.C. She was the last remaining Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt before the Romans took over. You’ll find the beautiful gold coin representing Queen Cleopatra in the royal headdress on the obverse. And on the reverse, Egyptian symbols with 1993-AH1414. This proof gold coin is from the same series as the King Tut gold coin and is a limited edition.

Ancient Egyptian Gold Coins

Ancient Egypt did use currency, although bartering was a popular and early way to trade. The Gold Stater (meaning “fine gold”) was believed to be the first coin to ever come from ancient Egypt. The Ptolemaic coins came to be during the end stages of Egypt, and shortly during the time of Roman rule.

King Tutankhamun/Tutankhaten (King Tut)

King Tut came to the throne between the age of 8 and 10 (the exact age remains unknown). He was in power for ten years before his death. In 1922, the discovery of his tomb led to him and over 5000 artifacts. This sparked worldwide curiosity about ancient Egypt and King Tut. History buffs say that King Tut was a fantastic ruler. He valued writing, and restored the Ancient Egyptian religion after his father, King Akhenaten, did away with it. He was born from a brother and sister and had several health issues which included scoliosis, malaria, and a cleft palate. His name meant “Living Image of Aten/Amun.” Additionally, King Tut was the last in his royal family to rule during the 18th dynasty. 

Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt is known as one of the wealthiest and greatest civilizations, and it’s no wonder why. The ancient Egyptians produced incredible architecture, social development, writing, mathematics, medicine, a legal system, trade, and more. They placed a high value on appearance and religion. Ancient Egypt is part of North Africa and formed along the lower banks of the Nile River—what is now Egypt. Pharaohs (king and queens) were ordained from God, with a divine right to rule the Kingdom. Ancient Egyptians also believed that every human has both spiritual and human elements. These elements included the ba (personality/soul), the ka (a human’s life force), the Swt (shadow), and a name. This wealthy culture sparks the curiosity and interest of people worldwide. 



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