Bahrain Gold Coins

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Bahrain Gold Coins

Want to add rare and beautiful gold coins to your collection? Look no further than Bahrain gold. Bahrain does not produce many gold coins, so this is an excellent opportunity for your investment portfolio or rare collection addition. 

1983 Bahrain 10 Dinars Hamad Town Proof Gold Coin

These gorgeous proof gold coins mint from the Saudi Royal Mint. Also, they are extremely hard to find or buy. The Saudi Royal Mint is in the Saudi Arabian Kingdom’s holy city of Mecca. The 1983 Bahrain Hamad Town proof gold coin was issued to commemorate the opening of Hamad town in Bahrain. It has an exquisite proof finish and made of .917 fine gold. The obverse features a portrait of King Sheikh Isa Bin Salman Al Khalifa. He is wearing a traditional Arab headdress called a Keffiyeh. On the reverse, you’ll find Bahrain’s coat of arms. Additionally, this side includes the year of mint and the legend surrounds it.  


Isa Bin Salman was the first King (Emir) of Bahrain from 1961 to when he died in 1999. He helped Bahrain gain independence in 1971 from the United Kingdom. Although he introduced a more moderate form of parliamentary democracy, it did not last long.


Bahrain is an archipelago nation and the largest island in the group of islands off the Saudi Arabian eastern coastline. The economy totes a thriving petroleum and oil market. However, its financial sector is climbing with Islamic banking increasing. Bahrain became fully independent in 1971 but has issued coins since 1965.


This island is what’s known as a “housing town” and also referred to as Madinat Hamad. The name refers to the current King of Bahrain—Hamad Ibn Isa Al Khalifah. The government built houses for those who could not otherwise afford houses in Bahrain. It is primarily a multicultural commuter city and in the Northern part of Bahrain. It’s also a culturally diverse city that includes varied socioeconomic classes, religions, and ethnic groups. 


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