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European Gold Coins

European gold coins are treasured as shards from another time and another place. Valued for their history as much as their gold value, old European gold coins are rarities that can add interesting value to any collection. Whether you are drawn in by their intricate designs or historic appeal, old European coins can be appreciated by any gold coin collector. Take a look at our inventory of European gold coins for sale now.

Liechtenstein Franc

The Lichtenstein franc, or Swiss franc has been Liechtenstein’s currency since 1920 because the country is in a customs and monetary union with Switzerland. Before then, the country used the Austrian krone and heller but left it because of its chronic volatility.

The 1980 treaty between Switzerland and Liechtenstein allowed Liechtenstein to produce a limited number of Swiss francs with the Liechtenstein inscription in the form of commemorative coins. Liechtenstein francs are so rare that they do not circulate. The largest amount of these coins were minted in 1924: only 60,000 were struck. After that, 45,355 were melted. 

Excluding this coin, the highest minted amount was both the 50 franc piece in 1988 and the 1990 Liechtenstein franc. The 1988 coin honored the 50th anniversary of Prince Franz Joseph II’s reign, and the 1990 issue celebrated the succession of Prince Hans-Adam II. Both have a mintage of 35,000, making this coin program exceptionally rare.

We are always thrilled to offer these old European gold coins for sale whenever we can. These coins contain .900 fine gold and display the bust of the reigning monarch at the time as well as the Liechtenstein coat of arms.

Icelandic Krónur

The Icelandic krónur is sometimes referred to as the Icelandic crown, and it is the national currency of the country. Just like other Nordic currencies including the Danish krone, Swedish krónur, and Norwegian krone, the name krónur means crown. It is derived from the Latin word, corona.

Interestingly, these gold Icelandic coins were actually produced by the Royal Mint because of World War II. Iceland was united with Denmark, but after Denmark fell under the control of the Axis powers, Iceland needed someone other than the Copenhagen Mint to strike its coins. Therefore, it turned to the Royal Mint, who produced its cupronickel coins even after the end of the war.

In 1961, the Mint struck a commemorative coin: the gold 500 krónur to mark the 150th anniversary of the birth of Jón Sigurdsson, a scholar and statesman. This contains .900 fine gold and weighs about 8.96 grams, featuring the side-profile of Sigurdsson and the Coat of Arms. This coin was later followed by the 1974 gold and silver coin set to honor the 110th anniversary of the settlement of Iceland.

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Bullion Exchanges is pleased to offer old European gold coins for sale whenever we have the opportunity to! Many of these coins can be rare with high numismatic and historical value. If you are interested in old European gold coins, be sure to always check in with Bullion Exchanges. Please feel free to reach out to us with any inquiries about our old European coin inventory.