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$100 Face Value Bag - 1000 Coins - Roosevelt Dimes 90% Silver (Circulated)

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$100 Face Value Bag - 1000 Coins - Roosevelt Dimes 90% Silver (Circulated)


Please note coins come in circulated condition and may be damaged, dented, bent, worn, etc.

The Roosevelt Dime is the coin introduced as a tribute to one of the greatest US presidents ever seen, Franklin D. Roosevelt. The dime is the coin that helped him raise money to find a cure for polio through the March of Dimes, for which the whole world is grateful. One feels proud holding this coin in their hand, although small in size, it has relieved the world of suffering from the dreaded disease. Due to its high historical significance and high silver content, the Roosevelt Silver Dimes are very popular among coin investors and collectors.

Now you can buy the Silver Roosevelt Dimes in bulk of 1000-coin bags with a face value of $100 in total.

Coin Features:

  • Each coin in the roll contains .0715 Troy Ounce of 90% pure silver; Total weight 71.5 Troy Ounces approximately.
  • Each coin in the roll is in Circulated Condition.
  • Obverse: Features left-facing bust portrait of President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Inscriptions - “LIBERTY,” “IN GOD WE TRUST,” and Year of Mintage.
  • Reverse: Features an olive branch, a torch, and an oak branch from left to right which symbolizes peace, liberty, and strength respectively. Inscriptions - “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA,” “ONE DIME,” and “E PLURIBUS UNUM.”
  • Coin Designer - John Ray Sinnock.
  • Minted from 1946-1964. Dates will be chosen randomly based on availability within the mentioned period.
  • Mint issues chosen randomly based on availability could be from Philadelphia (no mint mark), Denver (D), and/or San Francisco (S).
  • Come in special Bullion Exchanges heavy duty bags containing 1000 Roosevelt Dimes for a total of $100 face value.

The Roosevelt Dimes were brought out in 1946 to commemorate President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s contribution to the world. He was elected for four consecutive terms and he died in office on April 12, 1945.

In order to honor him, the Mint released the Roosevelt Dime. The Roosevelt Dime had a composition of 90% silver and 10% copper since its first release in 1946 till 1964. After the passage of the Coinage Act of 1965, the coin’s composition was changed from silver and copper to just copper and nickel without any silver in it. This Act lead to people hoarding the silver dimes, thereby the silver dimes slowly disappeared from circulation.

The designer of the coin is John R. Sinnck, the chief engraver of the US Mint at that time. Although his first design was rejected by the Commission, the Mint went ahead and used his second design in which he had done the required alterations. Upon its release, the anti-communist minds felt that the artist’s initial JS stood for Joseph Stalin which was placed by a Russian agent in the Mint. However, the Mint was quick enough to release a clarification stating that the initials “JS” in fact stood for John Ray Sinnock.

Sinnock's design on the obverse featured a left-facing bust portrait of President Franklin D. Roosevelt also popularly known as FDR. On the reverse, he had designed an olive branch, a torch, and an oak branch standing in line which symbolizes Peace, Liberty, and Strength respectively.

The Roosevelt Dimes from 1946-1964 are very sought after coins due to their historical significance as well as high silver content. It is also easy to complete this set as it was only minted for a short period and also there are not many rare dates in this series.

Bullion Exchanges is pleased to offer the $100 Face Value Bag - 1000 Coins - Roosevelt Dimes 90% Silver (Circulated) at one of the most competitive prices in the industry.

Browse our vast collection of Pre-1965 US silver coins and other Silver Bullions, and feel free to contact us at 800-852-6884 if you have any questions in regards to any of our products.

Customer Reviews

In my recent purchase of a $100 face value dimes. I got about what I expected. Could have been better but could have been a lot worse. I have now purchased from Bullion Exchanges and a couple of others. Bullion Exchanges is right in there with the expected quality for these bags and possibly a little better. In comparison:
One of the others should have called circulated a mix of heavy circulated and culls. The number of coins was there but the quality was really bad.
Another was similar with some pretty rough coins and overall decent selection with a few true BU's mixed in.
W/ Bullion exchanges a majority are circulated but fair to pretty good shape. There was more than expected in AU to BU shape, and a smaller collection of cull or poor with only two that were basically slicks. There was exactly the number of coins expected which was nice, with the others they each had to send me a few to 10 extras for the slicks or missing coins. (i.e. paid for $100 got $99.20 in coins)
Don't expect many nice great coins these are circulated, but I will purchase again.
(Posted on 11/20/2018)
Overall very satisfied. (Review by Col_Temp)
Compared to other orders int he past of junk silver I am very satisfied with Bullion Exchanges $100 silver bags, Dimes Circ.
I got exactly $100 in dimes which is a first! Usually there is one or two extras or a couple short. Mixed of the quality of the coins was better than some of Bullion exchanges competitors. Broke down to:
$20 (200 coins) of XF to AU quality.
$4.30 (43 coins) Cull quality. One low quality mercury instead of a Roosevelt. So of the culls or poor quality only 2 were basically slicks. Usually there are way more than that!
Rest were in decent shape with probably 15-20 bent or damaged coins (but wiht readable everything else and pretty close to weight) in the mix.

So Overall I was happy with this order and nice to see a fair amount of nice coins and only a couple of really bad ones. Will buy these again from BE.
NOTE: For comparison sake, other past orders from others online retailers for similar 90% circulated. You will find some AU to BU, and a higher percentage of rough to cull coins with usually 10-20 OR more no dates or complete slicks. BE delivered circulated without the usualy number of really poor coins. Bravo.
(Posted on 11/16/2018)

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