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Welcome, Wall Street Silver Apes!

Bullion Exchanges is happy to help support the Reddit silver squeeze. With our “Ape” exclusive pricing, we assemble our best silver deals so you don’t have to search too hard to find the best place to buy silver online. On this page, you will see our most competitive deals on silver bars, coins, and rounds. These deals might not last for long, especially if we sell out, so be sure to secure the product of your choice before it’s gone for good.

What is the Silver Short Squeeze?

On January 29, 2021, the massive online Reddit forum saw the creation of Wall Street Silver.  This subforum came together around the same time as Wall Street Bets began to take off with its meme stock rallies. Partly inspired by the following of the meme stock short squeeze, Wall Street Silver takes a different, long-game approach with the Reddit silver squeeze.

Where Wall Street Bets promotes buying stocks to artificially raise the price of a particular group of stocks, Wall Street Silver both encourages buying silver and carefully watches and discusses how the silver price is trading. The forum also focuses on moves made by major players in the industry as indicators of the success of the silver raid, also known as the silver short squeeze or simply, the silver squeeze.

This mission upheld by all members of the forum, self-named “silverbacks” or “apes,” is to buy as much physical silver as possible. The point is to:

  1. Recreate a silver market squeeze, 

  2. Boost the price of silver to what the forum believes is more accurate when factoring in inflation, and

  3. To strike back against any market manipulation of the silver price.

Silver is a precious metal whose mining supply has been declining for years, globally. Sometimes, there are huge, inexplicable spikes in the silver price when there isn’t a shortage, and no price movement when demand is at remarkable highs.

The silver short squeeze intention, much like the GameStop and AMC stock raid, is to buy silver as much as possible to tighten the supply and boost the price to what the Redditors believe is a more accurate price without any alleged market manipulation.

For more information, it’s best to get it from the source. Check out the Wall Street Silver’s Welcome page and website for more!

Buy Silver: Join the Reddit Silver Squeeze & Silver Raid Today

Bullion Exchanges is happy to help aspiring apes participate in buying silver for the silver raid. Whether you are a new or seasoned stacker, here you will see a compilation of all our best silver deals to make your experience buying silver online much easier. Happy stacking, apes, and best of luck from Bullion Exchanges!