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What's not to love about a day of love? People exchange lavish gifts of gold and jewelry, or simple cards, chocolate, and flowers. Children and adults alike show appreciation to each other, with beautiful cards or letters or words of admiration. Read on to learn about this day of romance.

History of St. Valentine's Day

Valentine’s day has some rich historical roots, from Saint Valentine to the Roman festival of Lupercalia to the Poet Geoffrey Chaucer. Historians aren't quite sure how the holiday we know today came about, but there are a few theories. 

St. Valentine

Saint Valentine was a Priest who was imprisoned for performing weddings for soldiers that were forbidden to marry. While in jail, he and the jailer's daughter fell in love. Valentine wrote the letter "From Your Valentine" to her before his death. 

Geoffrey Chaucer

In the 14th century, this poet wrote two famous poems about love and romance. The 14th century was also a time when courtly love flourished, and couples gifted each other with handmade cards, flowers, and love letters. Shakespeare later helped to popularize the day, and people began sending letters and cards on February 14th. 

Roman Festival of Lupercalia

Lupercalia was a festival of fertility. The festival included the pairing of couples randomly and men whipping women to increase fertility. Pope Gelasius I sought to replace the ancient roman festival with St. Valentine's day, to honor the catholic pope Valentine.

Additionally, Saint Valentine's Day is also a feast day honoring Saint Valentinus in several religions, including the Lutheran Church. 


Cupid, the cute and lovable cherub we know today came from Roman Mythology. Cupid was the son of the Goddess of Love and Beauty, Venus. He shot arrows at both people and other Gods to make them instantly fall in love. 

Valentine's Day Traditions

Valentine's Day symbols include heart shapes, doves, and cupid.

  • Lovers express affection with greetings, gifts, and romantic nights out

  • Children, friends, and lovers exchange valentine's cards to each other

  • Many people exchange gifts such as gold, flowers, chocolate, candy, and jewelry.


Today, people worldwide celebrate Valentine's Day in their own unique ways. Show the people in your life how much you care with an exquisite gift of gold. There's the Istanbul Gold Refinery Valentine's Day gold bar or the PAMP Suisse Love Always bars in gold and silver. Or browse our selection of quality gold Bullion Bars for a gift that lasts a lifetime.