Niue Silver Coins

About the New Zealand Mint

The New Zealand Mint has been founded over four decades ago, in 1967, being one of the newest mints in the South Pacific region for which it has been nicknamed as the “Minters of the South Pacific”. Despite its relative short mintage history, the mint already distinguished itself with brilliant coin designs, such as the Disney and Star Wars coin series, as well as high purity. Being located in Auckland, the New Zealand Mint is the only privately owned mint of the country which produces bullion and commemorative coins on behalf of New Zealand, Niue Island, Fiji, the Cook Islands, and Tuvalu. Although the mint doesn’t manufacture the official New Zealand dollars, New Zealand Mint coins are all legal tender with NZD denominations. The official coinage service is outsourced, being provided by the Royal Canadian Mint and the Royal British Mint for the Federal Reserve Bank. The New Zealand Mint was also one of the first to issue .9999 pure gold coins.

Design of New Zealand Silver Coins

One of the most popular coin designs of the New Zealand Mint is the famous bullion coin line inspired by the marine life of the Pacific Ocean, known as the Taku or Hawksbill Turtle Series. The reverse depicts the well-known profile portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, created by the famous Ian Rank-Broadley, but some special releases also feature the country’s coat of arms. The obverse side of the coin showcases each year a new image of a sea turtle coasting through the Ocean. These astounding coins have a variety of textures and finishes which enhance the visual appearance of the turtle, the sandy beaches, and the ocean. This series produced from .999 fine silver debuted in 2010, being minted for the Fiji country until 2013, and for the country of Niue beginning from 2014. The Turtle series are available in various sizes, such as ½, 1, 2, and 5 oz., with face values of $1, $2, $5, and $10 NZD. These incredibly beautiful series have a limited issue and were introduced to call worldwide attention to this endangered species of the Pacific Ocean.

Another renowned coin design minted by the “Minters of the South Pacific” is the Disney Coin Series. The program was released in 2014 to celebrate the most beloved animation movies characters of all time. The reverse sides of the coins feature iconic Disney characters, from Cinderella, Mickey Mouse and Alice in Wonderland to the Moana and Mulan. The New Zealand Mint Disney coins come in various sizes and denominations, but most of them are available in the standard 1 oz. size with a $2 NZD denomination. Some coins also have a spectacular colorized finish.

The New Zealand Mint issues several other renowned silver coins, such as the Whales of the Southern Ocean, Doctor Who, Lunar, Birds of Prey, River Monsters, Warriors of History, and Journeys of Discovery Series, as well as the latest and most famous New Zealand Mint Star Wars collectibles. Since each of the New Zealand Mint products comes with a limited mintage, the coins are highly appealing to collectors and investors all over the world. Besides, most of them come in creative packaging, which makes them excellent gifts for special occasions and timeless collectibles.

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