2021 Morgan & Peace Dollars

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2021 Morgan Silver Dollars and 2021 Peace Silver Dollars

2021 marks one hundred years since the US Mint shifted from striking the Morgan silver dollars to the Peace silver dollars. This transition is particularly important because many of the Morgans were lost to support the war effort for World War I and had to be replaced in 1921. Of all the US silver coins, the Morgan and Peace Silver Dollars remain among the top-collected 90% silver US coins of all time. Therefore, these 2021 Morgan silver dollars and 2021 Peace silver dollars give coin collectors something new to celebrate in their collections!

The History of the Morgan and Peace Silver Dollars

The production history of the Morgan silver dollars dates back to 1878 until 1904, and then they were struck once more in 1921. This is because the Peace silver dollars needed further modification before they could be produced that year. George T Morgan is responsible for the Morgan silver dollar coin design, hence the name! One of the most significant aspects of this coin is that it was originally manufactured with silver from the Comstock Lode in Nevada. This lode was a massive factor in supporting the development of both Nevada and San Francisco and is forever an important part of American history.


On top of that, the Morgan silver dollars majorly supported the war effort during WWI. Thanks to the Pittman Act, the US was able to melt down approximately half of the entire mintage of the Morgan Silver Dollars to help support Great Britain’s economy. The nation, in return, bought the melted silver for $1 per troy oz from the US. Unfortunately, this resulted in a major loss of the Morgan silver dollars, but the Pittman Act had a second stipulation: the destroyed silver dollars needed to be replaced after the war. 


Instead of restriking the same design onto the silver dollars, an article published in The Numismatist in 1918 suggested a victory coin be made as a replacement. This is why Congress authorized the striking of a new coin: the Peace silver dollar. The Peace dollar was to be a symbol of hope for a peaceful new era as well as a mark of the US becoming a dominant world power. In order to strike this poignant coin, the US held a competition to commission its design. Anthony de Francisci was the winner of said competition, and the rest is history.

Design of the 2021 Silver Dollars

The design of the new 2021 Morgan and Peace Silver Dollars will feature the original images from George T Morgan and Anthony de Francisci. However, both of the new 2021 silver dollar coins were struck with .858 troy oz of .999 fine silver instead of the original .900 fineness used in the 1920s. The new 2021 Morgan silver dollars have a product limit of 175,000, and the 2021 Peace silver dollars have a product limit of 200,000.


2021 Morgan Silver Dollars Design

The Morgan silver dollars continue to feature George T Morgan’s Lady Liberty design. She wears her Liberty cap with the cotton and wheat blossoms on the obverse. The reverse also displays a rendition of the US seal with a bald eagle holding an olive branch and arrows in its talons. A wreath also accompanies the eagle, mostly encircling the heraldic animal. 


The Morgan Silver dollars have a variety of mintmarks and privy marks in order to honor all the mints that once struck these coins. The New Orleans Mint and Carson City Mints no longer exist, but you can still find 2021 Morgan silver dollars with either an “O” or “CC” privy mark honoring the history. 

2021 Peace Silver Dollars Design

The design you will find on the obverse is di Francisci’s Lady Liberty. She looks to the left of the coin, as the Morgan dollar, but she has a messy bun hairstyle and a more triumphant crown. Her features are also more mature since the artist had his wife model for the portrait. He also based this image on the actual Statue of Liberty, which is especially noticeable in the design of her crown. The reverse bears the image of a bald eagle perched on top of a rocky surface while clutching an olive branch. Rays of sunshine illuminate the background as the eagle watches the sunrise, a symbol of a new age of peace. Please note, there is no mintmark or privy mark on these coins as they were all minted in Philadelphia.


Today, the 2021 Peace silver dollar will not only feature this original design, but also the high relief it was initially supposed to be struck in. Back in 1921, this coin’s high relief was too strong that it broke the dies used to make the coins. Now in 2021, the US Mint can maintain this degree of relief, offering you a truly remarkable coin that you may not be able to take your eyes off of!

Are the 2021 Silver Dollars Commemorative Coins?

Technically, the 2021 silver dollars are not commemorative coins, even though they celebrate a major US event. This is because the US authorizes only two commemorative coin programs per year, which were already decided before two numismatic enthusiasts presented their case. 

Thomas Uram—Chairman of the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee (CCAC)—and CCAC member and numismatic author Michael Moran, assembled their case for a new coin act. Thanks to them, this coin program is now available to you! They received approval through the accepted legislation of the 2021 Morgan and Peace Silver Dollars as of September 2020 under the 1921 Silver Dollar Coin Anniversary Act. This act, officially known as H.R. 6192, was signed into law on 1/5/21 by the President of the United States.