American Silver Eagle Monster Boxes

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American Silver Eagle Monster Boxes

Buying American Eagle silver coins has never been easier than with the American Silver Eagle monster box! These US Mint-issued monster boxes contain 25 rolls with 20 coins in each tube, housed inside a convenient box. Investors who want to create a formidable silver coin collection can easily do so with the Silver Eagle monster boxes. We strive to offer the Silver Eagle coins in these boxes each year for our customers’ convenience and security. Additionally, we are pleased to say that you’ll find our Silver Eagle monster box price to be one of the most competitive in the business.

The US Mint Silver Eagle Coin

People have been buying American Silver Eagles since they first became available in 1986. These highly sought-after one-ounce silver bullion coins remain some of the most coveted pieces for any silver portfolio. 

Made with .999 fine silver, these coins feature the Walking Liberty design originally created by Adolph A Weinman for the silver half dollar from 1916-1947. Also, the first reverse design was a modernized rendition of the US seal. However, from mid-2021 onward, the US Mint used a new image of a realistic bald eagle. This new design incorporates special security features to counteract counterfeiting. 

Why Grab a Silver Eagle Monster Box For Sale?

The benefit to buying American Eagle silver coins in the mint-issued box is the potential return on investment. Purchasing 500 troy oz of silver all at once may sound daring, but this is a smart move. Minting costs and dealer markup will be factored into the final price, but you can make the most of your dollar by purchasing in bulk instead of individually. This is because, with larger orders, you can enjoy lower dealer fees. Also, as these coins age, they may command a higher premium over the silver spot price when you decide to sell

The US Mint monster boxes themselves are made from green plastic and bear their name on it. When you buy Silver Eagle monster boxes, they are delivered to you just as we received them, intact. Inside lies 500 troy ounces of silver in the form of 500 Silver Eagle coins.

Buy American Silver Eagle Monster Box For Sale at Bullion Exchanges

At Bullion Exchanges, you can buy the Silver Eagle monster box for sale right here on our website. We offer highly competitive rates, as you can see from our Silver Eagle monster box price. Explore our inventory for other monster boxes issued by other sovereign mints, such as the Royal Canadian Mint and British Royal Mint, before you buy American Silver Eagle monster boxes from us!