Generic Silver Bars and Rounds

The term “generic silver” refers to wholesale silver products, which means silver products that have been already used, like generic silver rounds or bars. Even though many participants of the precious metal market will advise you to purchase only products that are in flawless condition, sometimes generic products can bring large benefits to its owners.

Highly experienced investors know that when purchasing silver bars,  the real value of the investment is the silver content itself and its purity. All generic silver bars that have been on the market for several years have the usual wear and tear marks which are natural signs of their usage and do not mean that the silver bars have lost any value. This is why many silver dealers sell generic silver regardless of the existing scratches or chips in the bars’ metal.

Here at Bullion Exchanges, we conduct quality assurance checks to ensure our customers receive the best silver collectibles. Be sure to check out our full selection of generic silver bars. If you have questions, a Bullion Exchanges representative can provide assistance by phone at 1-800-852-6884 or by email at

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