Royal Australian Mint Kangaroo Gold Coins

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About the Royal Australian Mint Kangaroo Gold Coin

The Royal Australian Mint established in 1965 in Canberra, and is the first mint in Australia that was not founded as a branch of the British London Mint. The mint produces the Australian coins currently in circulation, but also manufactures commemorative and bullion gold products. The mint started to produce several famous designs of Australian Gold coins, like the Lunar Series Gold Coins and Kangaroo Gold Coins. The Kangaroo Gold coin collection was released in  2010, being made of .9999 fine gold and features the most cherished marsupial Australian animal, the kangaroo, depicted in its natural surroundings. Almost each year, the design of the red kangaroo changes, showcasing another representation of this wonderful mammal is its natural habitat. The kangaroo design on these RAM gold coins was inspired from the historical Australian copper pennies. Royal Australian Mint Kangaroo Gold coins are also sold in special package versions, such as the Veriscan Assay Card, with the coin’s weight and purity marks guaranteed by identification security system of PAMP Suisse. This security feature based on the Veriscan Technology uses the microscopic typography of the metal to identify the registered product in order to detect possible counterfeits. The Gold RAM Kangaroo coin’s weight and purity are backed by the government of Australia.

Main Sizes of the Royal Australian Mint Kangaroo Gold Coins

Ram Kangaroo Gold Coins are issued in several weight options: from fractional sizes of 1/10 oz., ¼ oz. and ½ oz., with respective face values of $15 AUD, $25 AUD and $50 AUD, up to the most popular coin size, the 1 troy ounce with a face value of $100 AUD. Each Gold Kangaroo coin produced by the Royal Australian Mint Canberra is sold in individual CertiPAMPTM sealed packaging and an assay card that contains its purity and weight marks.

The Design of the Royal Australian Mint Kangaroo Gold Coin

Almost each Gold Kangaroo coin from this series features a different depiction of this cherished Australian animal. Even though most of the times the kangaroo species is perceived as a single species, in fact, there are four different species: the eastern and the western grey kangaroo, the antilopine and the red kangaroo; the last one being the one that it’s represented on the Kangaroo coins. The latest coin in the Kangaroo Gold Coin series features the image of a jumping kangaroo encircled by leaves, flowers, and nuts from its natural surroundings, the Commonwealth Star and the inscriptions “Australia”, as well as the mintage year and the coin’s gold and purity marks. On the obverse side of the coin is depicted the famous 1998 right profile portrait design of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, courtesy of the remarkable sculptor Ian Rank-Broadley, encircled by the leaves of the Tasmanian Blue Gum, the words “Australia”, Her Majesty’s name and the face value inscription.

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