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5 Nevada Goldbacks 1/200 oz 24K Gold Foil Aurum Note

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5 Nevada Goldbacks 1/200 oz 24K Gold Foil Aurum Note


Please note multiple notes come in one plastic sleeve. Also, the year on the Goldback may vary.

If you like to buy gold and collect currency notes, the 5 Nevada Goldbacks 1/200 oz 24K Gold Foil Aurum Note could be the ideal piece for you! This Nevada Goldback collection furthers the expansion of the Goldback notes that debuted in 2019. The 5 Nevada Goldback has a face value of 5 Nevada Dollars and is made with 1/200 troy ounces of 24K gold. The Goldbacks serve as a currency alternative to the US Dollar, and in certain states, you can use them as actual legal tender. This 5 Nevada Goldbacks 1/200 oz 24K Gold Foil Aurum Note is among the first of its kind, and you can collect them all with Bullion Exchanges!

The Goldbacks are a solution to a problem as old as time when it comes to treating gold as currency. Because they are small denominations of gold, it makes gold easier to carry around and use to pay for goods and services that accept Goldbacks. Additionally, this is part of the second collection of Goldback notes. The first series was made for Utah, and this second collection is for the state of Nevada. The Goldbacks are legal tender due to the Utah Legal Tender Act from 2011 that validated certain types of gold as a currency, but their legality varies by state. Today, many small businesses in Utah accept Goldbacks, and now they are also valid in Nevada and New Hampshire. Also, it is worth noting that typical USD inflation does not harm the Goldbacks because their face value is derived from its gold content. 

Each Goldback portrays meticulously designed personifications of the Virtues, only as women. The obverse for the 5 Nevada Goldbacks displays the cardinal Virtue Sophia, also known as Wisdom. She stands in early Nevada on a small Roman pillar that says “For Our Country” with a small bird flying beside her. Sophia is dressed in a traditional Roman dress, a sash with her name, and helmet in addition to carrying two shields, a pickaxe, and a hunting spear. Around her are inventions that made the development of Nevada possible including the wheel, a log cabin, steam technology, and more. By her feet are a quill, inkwell, parchment, and a book.

The reverse is intentionally left blank with a negative image from the front. This serves as a security feature to better protect the Utah Goldbacks from counterfeiting.

Product Features:

  • Part of the world’s first currency made with gold
  • Contains 1/200 troy oz of 24K gold
  • Face value of $5 Nevada Dollars
  • Legal tender in certain states 
  • Assigned a unique serial number
  • Security feature on the reverse
  • Multiple notes come in one plastic sleeve
  • Obverse: Spotlights Sophia (Wisdom) standing with two shields, a pickaxe, and hunting spear top of a small pillar. She wears a Roman dress, sash with her name, and a helmet, and a small bird flies beside her. The background showcases the technology possible for settling early Nevada including a wheel, steam technology, bridge, and modern housing. Text: “5”, “FIVE NEVADA GOLDBACKS”, “Voluntary, Local Currency”, “AURUM” stamp with the year of issue, “” and “”, a note about the legal status and patent-pending, serial number, “SOPHIA”, “FOR OUR COUNTRY”, “Let Wisdom Rule”, “This Gold Coin Contains”, denomination, weight, purity, and “For Circulation in Nevada”.
  • Reverse: Displays the negative image of the front illustration that serves as the security feature. 

Bullion Exchanges is eager to carry the brand new 5 Nevada Goldbacks 1/200 oz 24K Gold Foil Aurum Note. More sizes of the Goldbacks, take a look at the Fifty, Twenty-Five, Ten, and One Nevada Goldback. Also, we have the 5 Utah Goldbacks available for purchase. Once your order is confirmed, we will package and ship your order to the address you provide us with. If you have any questions or concerns about your order or our services, please feel free to contact our customer service team during our business hours.

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