Selling Silver in New York City

Selling Silver in NYC


Looking for where to sell silver coins, bars, jewelry, or scrap silver? Diamond District’s Bullion Exchanges store is the best place for selling silver in New York City! Among many silver buyers in NYC, we are one of the few who offers you the best deals available on the market and a high-class professional appraisals, who follow the valuation process performed right in front of you. We guarantee that you will receive a free authentication and grading of your silver item and a pleasant selling experience if you decide to sell your silver to us.
Either you choose to get your quote online, by completing our form, or visit us in the heart of Manhattan, our top-notch team of highly qualified appraisers will ensure that you receive detailed info about your silver bar, coin, jewelry or any other piece made from silver.

Bullion Exchanges is motivated to make the appraisal process highly efficient and extremely easy, so your satisfaction is the key to a great customer experience. Just stop by or contact us and get the best and most generous cash for silver payout.

Silver Coins

If you are searching for where to sell silver coins in New York? Then you can count on Bullion Exchanges for all your investment and collecting needs!

When selling silver coins, it’s essential to find a trustworthy, reputable silver buyer that has a wide experience of assessing both modern silver coins and old silver coins. Among the regular coin dealers in NYC, Bullion Exchanges is one of the few which offers exceptional customer service. We assure that you will receive a full transparent authentication of your precious coins and a fair cash for silver exchange. Our experienced trained appraisers will perform a top-notch authentication and grading of your silver coins right in front of you, to make sure you get to know everything about them. Each silver coin is thoroughly handled by our skilled experts to avoid any potential risks and to make you feel 100% confident and satisfied.

How to sell silver coins?

You can either get a quote online or visit us in the heart of Manhattan, get a free appraisal and a superb offer. Bullion Exchanges specializes in buying US silver coins and also foreign silver coins.

Silver coins we buy:

Simply call us and let us know what you want to sell your silver. Also, if you have any questions, our customer service representatives are always here to help.

Silver Bars

At Bullion Exchanges, we buy silver bars of any shapes, sizes, and manufacturer. Our purpose is to offer you a great and highly transparent assessment experience, and the best payout rates when selling silver in New York.

How to sell silver bars?

You should know that there are two types of silver ingots: standard silver bars and hand poured silver bars. If the silver bar carries a logo on one of its sides (or both) and  sold accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity, then it was produced by a private mint and  considered as a standard silver bar. Hand poured silver bars are those produced by individual manufacturers or refiners and usually do not carry any logos or mintmarks. But this fact doesn’t anyhow affect the value of the silver content of these bars.

Thus, don’t worry about the origin of your silver bars, Bullion Exchanges accepts both standard and hand poured bars.

Silver bars we buy:

For placing a request for selling your silver bar, just complete our online form or visit us in the Diamond District Area and get a fabulous payout for your precious ingots.

Scrap Silver

When it comes to selling scrap silver, we offer you skillful expertise in appraising any kind of silver scrap.

What is silver scrap?

It means all types of silver products, including coins and bars, silver jewelry, dental scrap or another silver item which is damaged or not used hence can be recycled. If you decided to sell scrap silver, you should keep in mind that only silver filled pieces can be regarded as silver scrap. Any item that is silver plated or has a very low silver content is not eligible and cannot be assessed. Also, take into consideration that the price per gram for silver scrap is always lower in comparison with the silver spot price because it shall be later smelted into raw material and this process involves additional costs.
Besides, by selling scrap silver, you also contribute to the environmental preservation by providing resources that don’t need to be processed using toxic chemicals. Any scrap silver is worthy to be assessed, so don’t lose the opportunity to get a personalized evaluation and the most generous cash for silver offer from us!

Sell Silverware

Looking for a reliable place to sell sterling silverware that’s gathering dust for years? Or you just need quick cash to pay for something urgently? Mostly people don’t think of “silverware” as precious metals, that could be sold.

At Bullion Exchanges, you can sell your silverware either by parts, like knives, forks, spoons, pie servers, or the entire silverware set and get the best cash payout for your precious tableware pieces. When talking about silverware, people often think about fancy dining sets but do not pay attention to their precious metal content. However, silverware sets had been used several decades ago for many years not just as a symbol of luxury, but mostly due to silver’s antimicrobial properties. Since soap and warm water supply were scarce during those days, silver flatware has been used as a sterilizing equipment to keep cooking utensils clean and free of bacteria. Producing them from sterling silver was the safest way to disinfect the flatware between meals.

In spite of their value, sometimes, you may encounter the need to sell silverware for cash if you have to get money as fast as possible to pay for an emergency or to fuel your goal. Before deciding to sell sterling silverware, we advise our customers to do make some background research on their collection. If your piece is a family heirloom that passed from generation to generation, you may sell your sterling flatware for a generous quote. While vintage silverware can be sold fast and profitably, new pieces of silver flatware can be much less valuable.

Either you want to sell antique silverware or a modern one, you should keep in mind that its price will be determined based on its condition, monograms, size, and availability. Obviously, silverware in excellent condition and original packaging will be more worthy than a used one. Monogrammed pieces are usually sold for less rather than silver tableware without monograms, although some popular patterns may increase its value. Continental silverware are larger and contain more items, making them more expensive than family or luncheon sets. And lastly, the sets’ availability or scarcity is one of the most important factors which make the silverware worthy, as a cutlery set that is still being manufactured is sold for a lot less than one that is a limited edition.

So, stop by at our store in New York City or sell silverware online by completing our form, and we guarantee that you will get the best deal on your silverware to sell.