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Sell Engagement and Wedding Rings

Sell Engagement and Wedding Rings

Engagement & Wedding Rings

Found yourself askingWhere to sell my diamond ring?” or “How to sell platinum ring?”. At Bullion Exchanges, we fully understand that selling diamond rings, particularly a wedding or engagement ring, can be a very emotional and overwhelming process. Also, since there are only a few jewelry buyers that are certified to appraise sapphires, rubies, emeralds and diamonds, you must be completely sure that you are doing business with a highly reliable company. So, either you have to sell one of your family’s heirloom or are experiencing a breakup, you can be sure that we will help you pass any emotional barriers if you need to sell your diamond ring, sell platinum ring or any ring made of precious metals and stones. Sell engagement ring online, by completing the form on our website, or bring your ring for a free appraisal in the heart of Manhattan's Diamond District Area, and we ensure you will get it authenticated at its actual value. Our highly qualified gemologists and jewelry experts will evaluate your ring for free, right in front of you, by using officially certified scales, to make sure you get the most accurate info about your precious asset. We will appraise your ring based on it’s the following characteristics:

  • 1. Type of wedding ring:
    • Matching wedding bands - women + men rings
    • Bespoke rings - custom made rings in women’s and men’s styles
    • Sets – wedding and engagement rings
  • 2. Precious stone’s
    • Cut – the angle in which the stone is cut, and the number of facets affects the way how the light is reflected. A high-quality cut is a shiny stone. The cut can be:
      • Round – usually retains more value due to its standard shape
      • Princess (radiant) – second most popular shape after round
      • Fancy Shape – is less popular hence value a little bit less
      • Trilogy – large diamond with two smaller side stones
      • Shoulder set – center stone with more very small diamonds on side. The majority of value holds the center stone.
    • Color - changes between color grades are extremely subtle and need professional assessment
    • Clarity – all natural precious stones usually contain microscopic defects or inclusions. Few inclusions are extremely valuable; zero defects are highly rare
    • Carat weight – the larger the carat, the more valuable the stone
    • Condition – the existence of any abrasions or chips could affect the price
  • 3. Precious metal purity and condition
  • 4. Certification

Forget about untrustworthy pawnshops! Whether you are looking for a place where to sell an engagement ring, sell a wedding ring or any precious ring, just visit us, and you will get the fairest and most pleasant customer experience and an honest cash payout.