SilverTowne Rounds

SilverTowne offers some of the finest and most beautiful silver rounds on the market. All rounds are struck from .999 fine silver, and most of them come in standard 1 oz. size, although the company also strikes rounds of larger size. The mint produces SilverTowne coins’ reproductions of famous US coin designs, such as the Saint-Gauden Silver Round, Morgan Silver Round, Lady Liberty Silver Round, and Buffalo Silver Round.

The SilverTowne Saint-Gauden Round is a reproduction of the Double Eagle coin created by Augustus Saint-Gaudens in 1907, whose design is also used for the modern American Gold Eagle coins. On the reverse side of the round is engraved the SilverTowne image of a bald eagle. Another famous eagle design is replicated on the SilverTowne Lady Liberty Silver Round which showcases the Statue of Liberty as seen on the American Platinum Eagle coins. The round’s reverse showcases the Liberty’s torch as the symbol of the Nation’s guiding light of freedom.

The mint reproduced another two popular US gold coins, the American Gold Buffalo coin design on its silvertone Buffalo Silver Round, and the Indian Head Gold Eagle on its SilverTowne Indian Silver Round. The Buffalo Round displays the adaptation of the reverse and obverse images of the renowned Buffalo Nickel design, created by James Earl Fraser is 1913, while the Indian Round depicts the Indian headdress (also designed by Augustus Saint-Gaudens) on the obverse and the bald eagle on the reverse.

Another popular replica, this time of a US silver coin, is the Silvertowne Morgan Silver Round which carries the design of the famous Morgan Silver Dollar, showcasing the well-known profile of Lady Liberty on the obverse and the familiar image of the bald eagle on the reverse, both designed by George T. Morgan.

Besides reproducing classic coins of the American coinage history, the company also produces contemporary SilverTowne rounds with modern designs, like the Prospector Round and the Liberty Bell Round. Both rounds are stackable - they were minted in such a way that multiples can be easily transported and stored as stacked atop one another.

The SilverTowne Prospector Stackable Silver Round features the prospector carrying a pickaxe over his shoulder, after a long day of mining, being accompanied by his faithful donkey trailing behind him. The SilverTowne Liberty Bell Stackable Silver Round showcases the iconic symbol of the Nation’s independence and freedom – the Liberty Bell from the Independence National Historical Park.

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