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RMC or the Republic Metals Corporation is a leading precious metal refinery in this industry. The company was founded by Richard Rubin in 1980 in Florida, Miami, with an initial investment of 2500$. Since then, Republic Metals Corporation became one of the most famous and respected precious metal mints in the world. The company was the first refinery in the USA that received the ISO 14001 certification due to its innovative “green refining technology” in producing silver bars and rounds of .999 purity. For investors who don’t want to be prone to economic fluctuations, investing in RMC silver rounds is the perfect way for diversifying tangible assets portfolio.

Republic Metals Silver rounds are also called Buffalo Silver Rounds because one of their most famous silver rounds products features the image of the majestic buffalo, often used by other mints for their rounds. The image of the buffalo was first designed by James Earle Fraser in 1913 for the Buffalo Nickel. He sketched this image of the American buffalo, also called bison, on top of a mound of dirt after visiting the Central Park Zoo in New York. Each Buffalo Silver Round has the “Liberty” motto and a native American depiction on the obverse side, along with the American bison called the “Black Diamond” on the reverse side. This special design is considered to be a tribute to America’s native tribes.

Other types of Republic Metals Silver Rounds are stamped with the Republic Metals Silver Logo, as well as with their weight and .999 silver purity inscriptions. These rounds also have double circular borders and a repeating pattern of the RMC logo on the reverse side. RMC silver rounds are offered in individual plastic flips, lots of 20 rounds in tubes and boxes with 500 silver rounds.

The Buffalo Rounds are a perfect gift for special occasions, like weddings, birthdays, and graduations. Moreover, since silver started to be used as an industrial metal, its scarcity determined many investors and collectors to focus their investments on silver rounds. After US coinage stopped producing silver coins in 1964, it’s believed that silver prices will continue to increase. These factors make RMC silver rounds a great investment option in hedging against currency losses.

Due to the above facts, you should consider buying silver rounds from this manufacturer of outstanding silver products. Browse our collection on Bullion Exchanges of RMC silver rounds and call us at 800.852.6884 or send us a message through live chat, if you have any questions.