World Silver Coins For Sale

The World Silver Bullion Coins

During the outstanding history of coinage, various countries and government mints issued a wide range of stunning world silver coins. Aside from the renowned American Silver Eagles and Canadian Silver Maple Leafs, there are a lot of Asian, European, American and African producers that struck impressive world silver coins with high silver content. Investors and collectors appreciate these coins due to their unique designs and gold content, almost all of them being struck from at least .900 pure silver. The world coins provided in this section vary from historical silver coins to new world silver bullion coins produced in different countries like Poland, Japan, China, France, Germany, Russia, Italy, India, Brazil and many more beautiful corners of the earth. For this reason, some world silver bullion coins are very rare collectible items having an increased value and premium, making them an extraordinary addition to your existing portfolio.


World Silver Coins Sizes and Designs

Each world silver bullion coin carries an individual design, making it a desired collectible piece among collectors and investors who prefer to own one-of-a-kind world silver coins rather than popular silver bullion items. The diverse representations featured on silver coins of the world give numismatists the chance to discover different values, cultures and the history of various countries, making these world silver bullion coins an excellent opportunity to diversify a new or existing portfolio. Studying these exceptional coins, you can get to know more about each region’s culture or history: e.g. the Japanese Dragon One Yen Silver Coin is the first minted yen issued in Japan, depicting a dragon within a beaded circle surrounded by Japanese characters. Another well-known world silver coin, the Chinese Silver Yuan, was released in 1993 to commemorate the 100th birth anniversary of Mao ZeDong, while the 1934 Sun Yat-Sen’ Junk Dollar was struck to honor Dr. Sun, one of the giants of the political world. You will also find Trade Dollars issued by the Bombay Mint, silver rubles struck in Poland and many more outstanding silver coins. World bullion coins offered in this category come in various sizes and most of the coins are made of .900 pure silver, although the coins’ purity range from .900 to .9999 fine silver. World silver coins are distinguishable not only by silver purity and content but by thickness and diameter too because each country issued its silver coins according to their particular minting standards. World silver coin values also differ depending on their numismatic value, silver content, and rarity. New, outstanding coins are continuously added to this impressive collection. You can find more details about each product’s thickness, diameter and silver content in their individual specifications.

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