Pobjoy Mint Silver Coins

Pobjoy Mint is a story of opting to choose the path less travelled, believing in self, hard work, and experimenting with innovative ideas leading to a successful establishment which is world renowned at present.

It all began when Derek Pobjoy decided to quit the successful family jewelry business run by his father Ernest Pobjoy and entered into the coin minting business. Derek Pobjoy was already interested in the coin business, and all he needed was a little nudge to go ahead with it, which he got from his German wife and his father-in-law who happened to be ardent coin collectors. He showed Derek Pobjoy his exhaustive coin collection and suggested that he should consider producing coins taking into consideration Derek’s family background in the jewelry business.

It was like adding fuel to fire, Derek Pobjoy was motivated enough and without wasting anytime started researching the coin industry, the manufacturing process, and the potential market. He knew that strong creative marketing could earn him a good potential market. He went ahead and purchased his first minting press. Thus the Pobjoy Mint was established in 1965 in Surrey, England. Today, it is one of the leading private Mints in the world and produces collectors as well as circulation coinage for more than 12 countries and is one of the largest private Mints in Europe.

Derek Pobjoy felt that even the smallest countries with limited coins issued by their own government or those using the currency of another bigger country should have been able to commemorate international events like Olympics or World Cup, especially if these events have participants from such countries which lead to the invention of modern collector coins. This concept has been popular ever since being introduced by Pobjoy!

One of the initial projects received by Pobjoy Mint was a commemorative medal for Sir Winston Churchill, which was well received and gave the  Pobjoy Mint significant recognition. In his next big project, Derek Pobjoy presented a proposal to the Treasury of Isle of Man to begin a collector’s coin program. In 1972, Isle of Man got their first practical set of circulation coins minted by the Pobjoy Mint. The Isle of Man coin reflects the history and culture of the small island nation. Another landmark coin that propelled Pobjoy Mint to fame was the sterling silver Isle of Man crown coin which was issued on the 100th birth anniversary of Winston Churchill and instantly became a hit with the public.

The impeccable craftsmanship, and high-quality standards which were equivalent to leading national mints at the time, and the beautiful design of the crown coin were both highly appreciated and catapulted the Pobjoy Mint to success. Pobjoy Mint’s contribution to the British numismatic world is immense considering the numerous silver coins released by them. They have a list of firsts that they have contributed to the world, to name a few; they were the first to develop a satisfactory man-made precious metal known as Virenium which has been successfully used in high denomination coinage since 1978, they were the first to release Braille coins, the first spinning coin, the first hologram coin, the first silver one kilo coin, the first diamond shaped coin, coin in the shape of Eiffel Tower and much more. Pobjoy Mint is the only mint which has attempted to mint legal tender titanium coins, it is a tough challenge as titanium is a very hard metal to work with, but the results of this hard work are amazing.

The mint has received several prestigious awards including the Coin of the Year Award for the  Isle of Man Angel, Most Popular Coin - Alley Cat Crown, Isle of Man, Most Inspirational Coin, Princess Diana with Mother Teresa, and Sierra Leone to name a few.

Some of the most popular coins that the Pobjoy Mint has released are the Noble coin which is a 1 ounce pure platinum bullion coin, Isle of Man cat coins, Isle of Man angel coins, Princess Diana memorial coins, Harry Potter, Peter Rabbit, etc.

British Pobjoy Mint has indulged in the manufacturing of coins, tokens, and medals for various Governments, Central Banks and major companies all over the world including the production of fraud-proof tokens for the vending machine industry. The Pobjoy family origins can be traced back to the medieval times and since the middle ages, the family has been involved in fine metalwork.

During this era of an uncertain global economy, and debt issues, take comfort in owning gold or silver bullion to diversify your investment portfolio.

The Pobjoy Mint has constantly challenged its own abilities and set its targets high to achieve tougher and greater challenges. It has upgraded itself with the latest technologies and has embraced innovative artistic ideas which have made it possible for the Mint to achieve the Numero Uno status in the numismatic industry.

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