Silver Bezels

Make your own silver coin necklace with our silver bezel!

Bullion Exchanges offers you the opportunity to transform your favorite silver coin into the most stunning piece of jewelry. Silver bezels are ideal for creating unique and fashionable silver coin necklaces. Each silver bezel was created to fit and display any of these remarkable and impressive silver coins or rounds:

1. Silver bezels with diameter of 38.1 mm:

  • The American Silver Morgan Dollar (minted 1878-1921);
  • The American Peace Dollar (minted 1921-1935);
  • Any silver coins or rounds with the diameter of 38.1 mm;

2.Silver bezels with diameter of 40.6 mm:

  • Seated, Trade and Eisenhower Silver Dollars;
  • 1 oz. American Silver Eagle (minted 1986-present);
  • 1 oz. Silver Canadian Maple Leafs;
  • 1 oz. Chinese Silver Pandas;
  • 1 oz. Mexican Silver Libertads;
  • 1 oz. Australian Koalas;
  • 1 oz. Australian Kukaburras;
  • 1 oz. Somalian African Elephants
  • Any silver coins or rounds with the diameter of 40.6 mm.

Every silver coin bezel is made from 2.2 grams up to 2.4 grams of .925 sterling silver with thickness variations between 2.8 mm and 2.9 mm, according to their diameters. Their plain style design with reeded edges allows you to display both the obverse and the reverse of your precious coin. Placing, replacing or removing your coin/round within the bezel is very simple and doesn’t damage the coin: you simply need to remove the screw from the top of the bezel, insert the coin inside and tighten back the screw. Along with silver coins, silver bezels are perfect gifts for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, graduations or weddings.

Coins are not included.

Choose from Bullion Exchanges selection of silver bezels to transform your favorite silver coin or round into a gorgeous necklace! If you have any questions, we encourage you to contact us by phone at 800.852.6884, send us a message at, or connect with us via our live web chat feature.

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