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Bullion Exchanges offers you a great way to invest in palladium by helping you buy palladium coins. Palladium carries a high value-to-density ratio and makes for a fantastic way to diversify your portfolio. Palladium has outperformed gold and silver in the past, and carries numerous industrial purposes as a more environmentally friendly material. Its industrial demand may well increase in the future. Additionally, palladium is significantly rarer than its more popular bullion metal counterparts as about 15x rarer than platinum, 10x rarer than gold, and over 100x rarer than silver. Buy palladium coins today to add this incredibly valuable precious metal to your collection.


Palladium is a highly rare precious metal that has only recently been used for minting precious bullion coins and bars. As a relatively new form of bullion products, few mints worldwide offer coins in palladium, but that also means that it is not linked to any single government and can be traded worldwide. Furthermore, few collectors invest in palladium at this time since it is still building up history in the collecting community. You can be one of the exclusive collectors with this precious metal. What better way is there to buy palladium coins than with Bullion Exchanges?



The Royal Canadian Mint is among the youngest government mints in the world, but it is known for being a pioneer of technology in the industry. On top of that, the Maple Leaf palladium coins that were initially minted in 2005 are among the first palladium coins struck by a government-backed mint. Buy palladium Maple Leaf coins from Bullion Exchanges today!


As America’s first and only official palladium coin line so far, palladium American Eagle coins were authorized by Congress in 2010 and first issued in 2017. All American Eagle coins by the US Mint are legal tender backed by the government. As one of the world’s rarest precious metals, when you buy palladium coins, you will add an impressive coin to your collection. 


In 1989, they struck their first palladium Panda coin. Panda coins each year have a different design, but also always showcase the Spiritual Hall of Prayer in the Temple of Heaven of Beijing. Limited mintages of panda coins make these very rare to collect, so if you want to buy palladium coins and find a panda coin, you might not want to pass that opportunity up.


Aside from South Africa, Russia is one of the top producers of palladium. The Russian palladium Ballerina coins in particular are some of the most sought after coins in the world. Because Russian coins are so uncommon in the Western world, these coins are additionally valuable for their rarity. Russia uses their palladium production as a way to celebrate Russian culture and pride. 


Palladium is a metal with limited liquidity; however as a precious metal with high industrial demand and a high value-to-density ratio, palladium is still an extremely precious metal that will diversify your portfolio. Also, starting a collection of palladium coins is an adventure that you can take from the comfort of your home with coins from China, the US, Canada, and Russia. If you are more partial to bars, Bullion Exchanges also carries palladium bars. Before you complete your order, remember to investigate our deals page.