Gold American Eagle Coins

The Gold American Eagle Coins

One of the most highly sought after coins is the Gold American Eagle. This coin is highly appreciated and demanded on the market due to its outstanding and representative design, along with its high gold purity content. Being produced for the first time by the United States Mint back in 1986, in response to the Gold Coin Bullion Act from 1985, the American Golden Eagle quickly became one of the most popular gold coins amongst passionate collectors. These remarkable US gold coins are still being produced today and are available in three options: Brilliant Uncirculated Gold EaglesProof Gold Eagles, and Certified Gold Eagles.

Brilliant Uncirculated coins have no wear marks on them and are shipped directly from the mint while proof Gold Eagles are struck twice to give them a shinier and more detailed look. Certified coins are graded by professional coin grading companies and usually have premiums higher that BU gold coins. American Gold Eagle bullion coins are produced in several weight types, from 1/10 oz. and ¼ oz. to ½ oz. and 1 oz., with face values ranging from $5 and $10 to $25 and $50. The Brilliant Uncirculated versions of this famous coin are the most traded ones on the bullion market, yet certified and proof gold eagles are preferred by savvy investors.

The value of the American Eagle Gold coins is based on its precious metal content, which, by the law, is made of .9167 gold, 0.3 silver and .5333 copper, that were added to obtain a more durable coin. The purity of this coin is guaranteed by the United States Government. Each year over 1 million Gold American Eagles are produced and sold on the industry markets. The price of American Eagle Gold coins depends on its year of issue and its availability on the market, as well as on its condition. But usually, the American Eagle Gold Coin price carry reasonable premiums over the gold spot price. Many investors and collectors buy American Gold Eagle coins to diversify their investment portfolio and protect their savings from inflation. These coins are IRA-eligible, which means you can choose them as your retirement option.

The Design of Gold American Eagle

Despite the common belief, the design of the American Gold Eagle is different both on the reverse and obverse side from the one of the American Silver Eagle. This beautiful coin showcases the remarkable design of the first American Gold coin minted in 1907, making the American Gold Eagle an easily identifiable precious gold coin for numismatists. The obverse side of the coin represents the depiction of Lady Liberty, with flowing hair, while walking confidently and holding a torch in her right hand and an olive branch in the left hand, encircled by the state stars and with sun rays in the background, along with the inscription ‘Liberty’. The image was designed by Augustus Saint-Gaudens’ and is considered to be the most beautiful coin design in American coinage history. In the left background is a representation of the U.S. Capitol building. On the reverse of the coin is depicted the impressive male eagle holding an olive branch in its talons and flying over the nest with the female eagle and their hatchlings. This representation of the USA’s national symbol of patriotism emphasizes the importance and strength of the American family. The reverse design was created by the famous sculptor Miley Tucker-Frost, known as Busiek. The reverse side also contains the ‘United States of America’, ‘In God We Trust’, “E Pluribus Unum’, weight and face value inscriptions.

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