Mexican Gold Commemorative Coins


Types of Mexican Gold Products 

Bullion Exchanges is pleased to offer the Mexican Gold Commemorative coins to honor the rich history of Mexican culture. The Gold Mexican coins minted at Banco de Mexico commemorate the country’s most glorious moments. Each theme and design is struck with beautiful commemorative imagery such as the Mexico Cinco de Mayo. These rare Mexican Gold Commemorative also extends to the Peso Constitution Centennial and the Mexican Olympics series. The Mexican Gold Commemorative coins are available in a wide range of sizes, grades, and finishes. 

History of Gold in Mexico 

Gold surfaced back in history to the age of conquest when the Spanish Conquistador discovered the new world and awarded a large amount of gold. The treasure of gold being struck into coins dated back to the Roman and Greek era. In the 19th century, Mexico obtained independence from Spain and continued to produce Gold coins. During the early 20th century, the denominations changed to Gold Pesos after a monetary reform in 1905 that put Mexico on the gold standard. Rough gold planchets of the proper weight and purity were hand struck into coins known as Cobs. Since Gold coins were individually struck, each is unique.

Mexican Gold Coins 

Mexican Gold 50 Pesos - The Mexico Peso Gold Coin is popular and one of the most wanted gold coins in the world today. The 50 Constitution Centennial Gold Coin is minted in 90% gold with an actual gold weight of 1.2057 ounces.

Gold Mexican Libertad: The Libertad is the first minted bullion coin dated back in 1981. Struck in 90% gold until 1981, the Gold Libertad is now minted in .999 fine gold.

México Cortés and Cuauhtemoc Gold Medal - The medal made from 90% fine gold with a weight of 1.227 troy oz. The designs of the coin feature a bust of Cortes and a bust of Cuauhtemoc on the reverse. 

Other Gold Mexican Coins - Mexico offers a variety of other Mexican Gold Coins, including bullion issues and modern commemoratives.

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