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  1. 1.2057 oz Chinese Sycee Yuanbao 1 Tael Shaped Ingot .995 Fine Gold (Scruffy)

    This 1.2057 oz Chinese Sycee Yuanbao 1 Tael Shaped Ingot contains .995 Fine Gold! Visit Bullion Exchanges for this and many more rare gold items!

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Types of Gold Products

Bullion Exchanges is proud to offer a variety of Chinese gold coins and bars. Although the Chinese Mint is primarily known for its Gold Panda Coins and the Gold Lunar Series Coins, they produce other gold products such as rare gold bars and coins. Bullion Exchanges sells world expo coins and Chinese commemorative gold medals and coins. We also possess a variety of unique gold bars and older Chinese gold coins. For the enthusiastic Chinese gold buyer, we also proudly offer Certified Chinese Gold Panda Coins to add to your collection. To diversify your gold portfolio, buy these valuable Chinese Mint exclusive coins.

History of Gold Production in China

China has a rich and extensive history regarding gold production and trade. As early as the third millennium (BCE), gold mining became a common practice in Western China. Starting during the days of the Han Dynasty (206 BCE – 220 CE) Eastern China traded items along the Silk Road such as tea, silk, and dyes to the West in exchange for precious gold and silver. Gold coins and gold bars from China have been a hot commodity since those early days of trade.

Chinese Gold Coins

Chinese Gold Panda coins and Chinese Gold Lunar series coins are the most popular gold coins minted in China. Before 2016, the denomination for Gold Pandas ranged from 5 Yuan to 100 Yuan in multiples of 5. After 2016, the weight system changed to grams instead of troy ounces. The new denominations for gold panda coins were 20 yuan, 50 yuan, 100 yuan, 200 yuan, and 500 yuan. Starting in 1981 the Chinese Mint began minting gold, silver, and platinum coins commemorating the Chinese New Year. These Chinese Lunar Coins are a popular collector’s item. They are frequently gifted to loved ones on birthdays. Other gold coins from the Mint of China include commemorative gold coins and world expo gold coins.

Chinese Gold Bars

Gold bars from the Chinese Mint are among the most unique gold bars in the world. What makes Chinese gold bars so special? These Chinese ingots differ from most other ingots, which come in a standard rectangle shape.  The Chinese Gold Tael bars come in rectangle or doughnut shapes. Sycee (or yuanbao) refers to gold and silver ingots that were used in imperial China during the Qin Dynasty. The most common shape for sycee ingots was square and oval, but the boat and flower shape also made many appearances. These Chinese ingots differ in from most other ingots, which come in a rectangle shape.

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