2022 Gold Maple Leaf Coins

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The 2022 gold Maple Leaf coins come from one of the most reputable mints worldwide, the Royal Canadian Mint. Known for their security features, beautiful coin details, high quality, and .9999 pure gold purity, you can order these gold coins as soon as early to mid-December from Bullion Exchanges. 

Features on the 2022 gold maple leaf coins include radial lines, micro-engraved laser privy marks, and a variety of size options to suit each investor’s needs. The gold maple leafs are a pure 99.99% gold and one of the most popular bullion coin series today. Mint’s worldwide have adopted the gold maple leaf as the standard for how to make 24k gold bullion coins.


Since 1979, gold maple leaf coins have been an international favorite. The obverse is a stunning portrait of Queen Elizabeth II wearing her pearls and earrings. She has been shown on this coin in her younger years, middle-age years, and now graceful older years. Engravings are of her name, denomination of the coin, and year of mintage. The reverse is the beloved national symbol of Canada, the sugar maple leaf. Furthermore, the maple leaf coin has an unprecedented security feature, the maple leaf privy, for enhanced anti-counterfeiting measures. The reverse engravings are of “CANADA,” the coin’s purity and weight.

  • .9999 pure 24k gold

  • Canadian government-backed face value and guaranteed metal content and purity

  • Purest gold bullion coin available today

  • Made by the Royal Canadian Mint, with over 100 years of prestige and excellence


Size options on the 2022 gold Maple Leaf Coins include:

  • 1/20 oz ($1 face value) gold maple leaf

  • 1/10 oz ($5 face value) gold maple leaf

  • ¼ oz ($10 face value) gold maple leaf

  • ½ oz ($20 face value) gold maple leaf

  • 1 oz ($50 face value) gold maple leaf



Certified coins from the NGC and PCGS mean that these gold coins are graded and guaranteed by the top coin grading companies in the world. A mint state 69 means the coin is in "near-perfect" condition, and a mint state 70 means the coin is in "perfect" condition.

Also, coins are available with First Day of Issue (FDOI) certification, which means NGC graded it within 24 hours of the coin's release. Collectors often prefer FDOI because the coins are produced with the newest dies and have sharper strikes and a deeper mirror finish. Early Release certification guarantees the coin NGC graded it within the first 30 days of its release. 

Take advantage of a gold coin with over 20 million troy ounces sold since 1979. We are happy to take your order for the 2022 gold maple leaf coins from Bullion Exchanges today.