PAMP Suisse Lunar Series Gold

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About PAMP Suisse

PAMP Suisse is a global leader of premium bullion, best known for producing PAMP Suisse Gold Bars of the highest quality available on the gold bar market. The company was founded in 1977 in Ticino, Switzerland, and today is a subsidiary of the MKS Group. PAMP Suisse is a member of the LBMA due to its impressive efforts in minting gold bullion products of the highest quality and purity. Besides its famous Lady Fortuna design, PAMP Suisse also manufactures the very popular Lunar Series Gold Bars, available in silver editions, too. Each gold bar issued within this series, like the PAMP Suisse Monkey Gold Bar, depicts a unique representation of one of the Chinese Zodiac characters. These PAMP Suisse Lunar Series bars are produced of .9999 pure gold in various sizes and designs, being one of the company’s most appreciated bullion products. PAMP Suisse is also recognized as being the first mint to manufacture colored bars, transformed its remarkable ingots into jewelry and incorporated holographic elements as an anti-counterfeit measure, making its bullion products highly desired among passionate collectors and investors on the precious metal market.

PAMP Suisse Lunar Series Gold Bars Design & Sizes

PAMP Lunar Series Gold Bars are minted from high-quality .9999 pure gold and carry the one-of-a-kind PAMP Suisse Lunar design. On each of these exceptional gold bars is depicted one of the traditional Chinese Zodiac characters: Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig, Rat, Ox, Tiger or Rabbit. These animals relate to a specific year in the Chinese 12-year Calendar Scheme.

The Lunar Series is a delightful and memorable option for special occasion gifts, as each character symbolizes different personalities according to each year. Thus far, PAMP Suisse has minted the PAMP Suisse Dragon Gold Bar, PAMP Suisse Year of the Snake Gold Bar, PAMP Lunar Horse Gold Bar, PAMP Suisse Goat Gold Bar and PAMP Suisse Monkey Gold Bar. Both the dragon and the snake are depicted as coiling around a pillar, the only difference between them is that the snake’s pillar is made of stone. The horse is represented in Asian style, standing in front of a massive tree while the goat with its long hair and tall horns is standing amidst the tall grass.

The 2016 Lunar Series gold bar features the image of a monkey climbing on a tree branch. During the next years, PAMP Suisse will issue the following lunar-themed gold bars in commemoration of the remaining that will commemorate characters. The Chinese symbol for the corresponding animal is also engraved on the obverse of every gold bar from this series.

An interesting fact is that the reverse of these gold bars is the obverse image as seen from behind, creating a 3D illusion and making the PAMP Suisse Lunar Series a state-of-the-art bullion. Each PAMP Suisse Lunar Series Gold Bar is sold in brand new condition, along with a special assay card, that certifies the authenticity of the gold bar and its unique serial number. These gold bars are sold both individually or in multiple collections.

Bullion Exchanges offers you PAMP Lunar Series Gold Bars in 5 gram, 1 oz. and 100-gram weights. These gold bars are IRA-eligible, therefore they can be securely added to your retirement plan by way of establishing special IRA account.

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