Elemetal Mint Gold Bars

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About Elemetal Mint

Founded in 2015, Elemetal Mint represents a new approach to producing high-quality bullion. This remarkable company was formed by joining the forces of three leading refineries: Ohio Precious Metals, NTR Metals, and Provident Metals. The merger into this top mint is a result of their new customer-oriented approach: Ohio Precious Metals provides certified LBMA minting practices and environmentally friendly recycling and production, guarantying high quality and purity of the Elemetal bullion, while NTR Metals offers the mint an extensive legacy and large production capacity. Provident Metals gives valuable market insights and acts as the investors’ advocate and fulfillment processors. The newly formed company is located in Dallas and produces a wide selection of silver and gold bars and rounds of outstanding quality.

The Elemetal Gold Bars: Sizes and Designs

The company is famous for recycling precious metal sources, which is performed by the prominent Ohio Precious Metals, founded in 1979. The exceptional Elemetal Gold Bars are made of .9999 pure gold and are approved for IRA retirement savings options. The mint’s newest 1 oz Elemetal Gold Bar showcases on the obverse side the atomic number, symbol, mass, equation and diagram of gold, as well as the word “Gold” and a stylized geometric pattern in the upper right corner of the bar. On the reverse side of the Elemetal Gold Bar is depicted the logo, name, and website of the company, as well as the weight and purity of the bar. The Elemetal logo is composed of the stylized letters “E” and “M” which form a lemniscate – the infinity symbol representing the mint’s commitment to making gold bars of superior quality only through precious metals recycling and innovative minting processes. Elemetal Gold Bars are offered hermetically sealed in the CertiCard containing the Certificate of Authenticity.

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