The Royal Mint is releasing their sixth coin in their Shengxiao collection. In 2019 the Mint will celebrate the year of the pig with their all-new gold and silver 1 oz Year of the Pig Coin BU. This coin exhibits a beautiful collaboration of rich Chinese traditions and British high-quality craftsmanship. The Royal Mint’s Shengxiao collection began in 2014 with the year of the horse and was followed by the Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and now the all-new pig! The Year of the Pig is the twelfth and final sign of the Chinese zodiac before it starts once again. The new cycle will begin with the year of the rat in 2020. People born under the year of the pig are loyal, generous, and gentle. This coin will also be vastly popular due to the reputability of The Royal Mint. Opened by the Queen in 1968 The Royal Mint is one of the world’s leading export mint. It produces coins and medals for an average of about 60 countries every year. It is also responsible to produce and distribute United Kingdom coins as supply blanks and official medals.

The Design

2019 Great Britain 1 oz Gold Year of the Pig Coin .9999 Fine BU

This year of the pig coin comes in two different metal options, gold, and silver. The Royal Mint produces both coins with one ounce of their respected metals. They also have the same designs on both the obverse and reverse. The differentiating aspects of these two coins would be the mintage number, metal content, and the denomination. The mintage of the silver coins is 138,888 coins and the gold coin will have a mintage of only 8,888 coins! The metal content for the silver year of the pig coin is .999 fine while the gold pig coin is .9999 fine. The last difference would be their denominations, which are 2 Pounds and 100 Pounds to silver and gold respectively. These coins feature a mother pig nursing her little piglets. The back also features an old country house displayed in the background of the nursing mother with smoke emanating from it. The reverse also shows the inscriptions “YEAR OF THE PIG”, “2019”, “1 OZ FINE GOLD/SILVER 999/999.9” on top of the country house. Below the pig is the Chinese character for the pig. The obverse features the effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, designed by Jodi Clark.

2019 Great Britain 1 oz Silver Year of the Pig Coin .999 Fine BU In Cap

This Year of the Pig coin is expected to be released on 9/03/2018. Be sure to grab one before they all run out a Bullion Exchanges. Bullion Exchanges is one of the largest and most reliable Precious Metals Retailers in New York City’s Diamond District Area. From the heart of Manhattan, we offer you a superb collection of high-quality bullion, produced from the most famous mints around the globe. Choose Bullion Exchanges to be your trusted metals dealers today!

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  1. Charles Brunson

    Seriously, who designed this coin? Did they ask HRH if she was okay with ‘piglets sucking on a sow’s teats’ appearing on the other side of a coin with her image on it? I thought it was a joke when I first saw it.

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