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Bullion Exchanges excitedly offers the newest silver coin from the Royal Canadian Mint’s Predator Series. This 2019 1 oz Canadian Silver Grizzly Bear Predator Series $5 Coin, the fourth in the predator series, follows the release of the Cougar (2016), Lynx (2017), and also the popular Wolf (2018).  Add eye appeal to your silver portfolio with this magnificent coin that utilizes a variety of creative engraving methods! Furthermore, the Grizzly silver coin weighs 1 troy oz and contains 99.99% pure silver, which greatly adds to its value. In addition to its gorgeous appearance, this coin comes with a special micro-engraved Canadian Maple Leaf on the reverse. This feature adds a layer of security by making the coin difficult to counterfeit. This coin is a perfect gift for your nature-loving friends and family- or for yourself! If you can’t bear to wait, you can purchase your Canadian Grizzly coin today!  

This ferocious coin series from RCM first came into fruition in 2016 with the release of the stunning Cougar coin. Since then, this series continues to prove its popularity with each year. This Predator series also contains gold versions of the coins as well. The Predator Series isn’t the only popular animal series produced by the Royal Canadian Mint. In 2011, RCM initiated the “Wildlife Series”. It features some of Canada’s most beloved and recognized wildlife species. Additionally, the Canadian Mint issues various animal-themed gold, silver and platinum coins almost every year. That being said, the most well-known coins minted at RCM prove to be their famous Canadian Maple Leaf Coins.

About the Grizzly Bear

The Canadian Grizzly Bear, a fierce apex predator, boasts no natural enemies. However, humanity’s actions which including habitat erosion and intrusion into Grizzly Bear territory contribute the largest threat to this species’ survival. Despite this threat, Grizzly Bears thankfully do not appear on the endangered species list, as their population is currently stable. Grizzly Bears’s diets consist mainly of fruit, nuts, and leaves, but they frequently eat other animals such as fish, rodents, and moose. Though these large mammals grow up to 8 feet long weighing up to 800 pounds, they are able to maintain an impressive speed of up to 30mph. Therefore, if you come across one of these magnificent predators in the wild, give them plenty of space!


Queen Elizabeth Obverse for Grizzly coinGrizzly Bear Obverse silver coin

The obverse of this silver predator coin features the regal bust of Queen Elizabeth II on a background of radial lines. Also displayed on this coin is the year 2019 below the queen. 

The reverse, designed by artist Emily Damstra, presents a fearsome Grizzly Bear leaping forward, possibly toward prey. Radial lines decorate the background as well.


    Product Specifications:

  • Contains .9999 fine silver with a weight of 1 troy oz
  • Brilliant Uncirculated Condition
  • Produced by the Royal Canadian Mint
  • $5 (CAN) denomination
  • Extra security in the form a micro-engraved maple leaf etched on reverse
  • Obverse: Features the right-facing profile of Queen Elizabeth II. Inscriptions include “QUEEN ELIZABETH II”, and  “5 DOLLARS”, among others.
  • Reverse: Depicts a leaping Grizzly Bear, claws ready for action. Inscriptions include “CANADA”, “ARGENT PUR”, as well as the weight and purity. 

Purchase this stunning 2019 Canadian Silver Grizzly Coin to add excitement to any silver collection. Additionally, your silver coin will be carefully wrapped and packaged for shipment. Please do not hesitate to reach out to our wonderful customer service team with any questions.

Canadian Silver MapleCanadian Gold Maple

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