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Price of Gold

Low Premium Gold

Whether you’re new to investing in gold or a seasoned pro, it’s good to keep up with the best way to save on your gold purchases. The world of gold buying can be full of facts and figures and contradictory advice. You’ll find tons of personal anecdotes and different recommendations […]

Spot Prices Are Down

*** While the spot price of gold enjoyed a relatively stable week, the spot price of platinum and palladium underwent major swings on Wednesday, climbing up before experiencing huge decreases on Thursday, and both able to regain some ground late Thursday evening and early this morning. Silver spot price changes were once again […]

Precious Metals Weekly Review

Precious Metals In the world of precious metals, this week was a good one. The price of gold spent the first half of the week quite steady, grew incrementally and experienced a slight dip on Wednesday before sharply increasing and finishing the week off strong. It started the week off at […]

Daily Market Review – Jan 25, 2018

The Market Review: In the precious metals world, after yesterday’s massive climb, the price of gold peaked around midnight at $1,366.50 and has come slightly down to trading where it was yesterday at $1,357.50. However, the prices of silver, platinum, and palladium are all up this morning. At the time […]