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Crypto Crash

While it’s not Freddy’s Friday the 13th, for many cryptocurrency hopefuls, yesterday’s events were just as scary. In a short 24 hour window culminating at 11:32 am HK/SIN time on Friday the 12th, the whole market capitalization of cryptocurrencies had fallen by an incredible $6.72 billion. XRP and Ethereum were […]

US Bonds on the Edge

The US bond market is teetering on the edge of the generational decline. Just as we have been hypothesizing about for nearly two years. The 30-year US bond fell by nearly 2.3% this week, closing at 136.7. Interest rates on the 30-year, which move opposite to prices, rose accordingly, rising […]

Precious Metals Prices & FED

Bullion investors were pleased this morning to see their holdings appreciate in value. The spot price of gold climbed back up above $1300 per ounce while silver bounced back up above $17 as the Federal Reserve raised interest rates and indicated that there would be further interest rate hikes in […]