The 2019 1 oz Silver Bald Eagle Solomon Islands $2 Coin is now available at Bullion Exchanges. This is the first release in PAMP Suisse‘s new Hunters of the Sky series. The Hunters of the Sky series follows the Hunters of the Deep series, where PAMP Suisse released unique coins shaped like a great white shark and a hammerhead shark. Now, the mint is doing the same for the open air with coins shaped like various birds of prey.

“Shaped like an actual eagle”

As the first coin in the series, the Hunters of the Sky bald eagle honors this majestic bird with a coin shaped just like it. In addition to its unique shape, this coin is struck from .9999 silver and is official legal tender worth $2 in the Solomon Islands. This coin is reverse proof, comes with a certificate of authenticity, and weighs 1 ounce. Most of all, its production line has an extremely limited mintage of 2,500. This makes it highly collectible.

The coin’s obverse features a bald eagle as it swoops downwards with its wings outstretched. The coin is also shaped like an actual eagle, adding realism to it. Each feather is perfectly detailed, and there are no inscriptions to distract from the bird’s ornately designed image.

The Solomon Islands $2 Coin Bald Eagle is shown swooping here

Meanwhile, the coin’s reverse holds all of its details. In the center of the bird’s back is a unique serial number, while the back of its right wing bears inscriptions with the coin’s weight and purity. The back of the coin’s left wing displays an effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The denomination, year of mintage, her name, and “SOLOMON ISLANDS” are also printed where a rim would be.

With its unique shape, this coin is sure to add visual distinction to any collection. Buy yours today before its limited mintage sells out.


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