Satisfy your Sweet Tooth With This Stunning Silver Set

Bullion Exchanges accompanies PAMP Suisse in celebrating the return of the beloved Sweethearts Candy with the release of the new 30 gram Silver Sweethearts Candy 3-Heart Set! The famous Sweetheart candies, previously unavailable during a year-long hiatus, will once again stock the shelves in select stores. Consequently, PAMP Suisse has joined the welcome-back party by creating the silver Sweethearts Set in a striking reverse-proof finish. This release marks the very first officially licensed Sweethearts© silver hearts ever produced. Each silver heart weighs 10 grams and contains .9999 fine silver. Additionally, all three hearts arrive packaged together in a lovely Sweethearts-themed box. However, PAMP Suisse only produced a total of 3,000 sets, so interested buyers should snag this limited-mintage set for your special someone soon!

The Beloved Candy Makes a Comeback 

In March 2018, Sweethearts candy producer Necco shocked the Candy community with the news of its imminent shutdown. Necco wafer fans soon resorted to searching for remaining products in stores across the country. Luckily, in 2019, Spanglers Candy (of Dum Dum Lollipops fame) purchased the Sweethearts and Necco Wafers and have since been preparing for the big relaunch throughout 2020. While Spangler did release limited quantities of the candy during this past year, the new Sweethearts candies suffered some minor setbacks including large quantities of blank candies due to equipment malfunctions. Now, candy lovers across the continent are rejoicing at the news that the popular Sweethearts Candy Hearts will be back on the shelves in bulk in time for Valentine’s Day 2021. Gift your loved one a special celebratory PAMP Suisse silver set to honor the return of America’s favorite Valentine’s Day sweet. 

Delightful Design

The obverse of all three Silver Sweethearts features the Sweethearts logo across the top, the PAMP Suisse logo in the middle, and the weight and purity along the bottom.

The 3-heart silver set showcases three different reverse designs with classic romantic messages:  “Love Bug”, “Kiss Me”, and “Be Mine”.

Product Features:

  • Limited mintage of 3,000 sets
  • WORLD’S FIRST officially-licensed Sweethearts© silver hearts
  • Contains three 10-gram silver hearts, each struck from .9999 fine silver
  • Total weight of just under 1 troy ounce
  • Minted by PAMP Suisse
  • Beautiful reverse proof finish 
  • Hearts arrive packed together in a thematic Sweethearts package that matches the original
  • Obverse: Displays the weight and purity along with the PAMP Suisse and Sweethearts logos.
  • Reverse: Features a different romantic message on each silver heart: “Love Bug”, “Kiss Me”, and “Be Mine”.

The Sensational Story of the Sentimental Sweets

In 1847 a man named Oliver Chase started a candy company that would lay the foundations for NECCO. Then, in the 1860s, his brother Daniel Chase designed a machine to print sayings onto candy hearts. Through their joint efforts, over the following few decades, these adorable heart candies gained popularity as unique wedding favors. Thus, the Sweethearts brand was created in 1902. The original hearts included sayings that are still widely used today, including “Be Mine”, “Kiss Me”, and “Be True”.

As the years passed, NECCO altered the phrases on the candies to reflect the changing times. Currently, candy consumers anxiously await to read the new quotes on the upcoming Sweethearts this year!

Find Your Favorite Phrase

The phrases featured on Sweethearts Candy Hearts often followed a common theme for each year. For example, 1998’s theme, “Hi-Tech Hearts” included the sayings “Fax Me”, “Email Me”, and “Page Me”. NECCO notably introduced the year 2000 with the special “Celebrating the Millennium” theme. Those phrases included “2000 Hugs”, “2000 Kisses”, “Time Out”, and “Peace Sign”. Additionally, fans of furry friends felt excitement for 2007’s “Animal Attraction” collection, which featured creative slogans like “Purr Fect”, “Bear Hug”, “Puppy Love”, and “Cool Cat”.  While Necco retired some phrases and introduced new ones over the years, the classic sayings like “Be Mine” and “Kiss Me” never went out of style, and they frequently make an appearance in new batches. Join us in celebrating the triumphant return of these iconic sweets and purchase your Silver Sweethearts Set today!

“Treat” Yourself

Bullion Exchanges invites you to explore our wide range of lovely PAMP Suisse Silver products, including this delightful 30-gram Sweethearts Candy Silver 3-Heart Set. You might also consider more candy-themed products like the PAMP Suisse Gingerbread Man PEZ Dispenser & Silver Wafers! Looking for other adorable items to surprise your significant other with year-round? Check out our Charming Chibi coins or the BE Exclusive: Platinum Pamp Rosa Bar! After submitting your order, your purchases will be safely wrapped and shipped to your door. Please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team with any questions regarding our products.


  1. Roy Meredith

    It’s a beauty.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! Great idea, and a nice touch, for Valentine’s Day.

  3. Thanks for sharing these gorgeous ideas, especially the candy sweethearts! And I’m not just saying that because my name is Candy ❤️

  4. Fran Todras

    Interesting ! I used to love those hearts. What a cute idea to promote the reissuing of the candy with a special permanent reminder. Great blog!

    • Thank you for reading! Those Sweethearts Candy Hearts have been a Valentine’s Day classic for decades, and we are excited to offer this “permanent reminder” of this candy’s success, as you thoughtfully put it.

  5. Fran Todras

    Interesting blog. I love the candy and am glad to see it coming back! And the Silver is a great way to commemorate it!

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