Bullion Exchanges is proud to announce that we will soon carry the third coin in the Austrian Mint’s 825th anniversary series. Set to release on October 16th, this Austrian silver coin focuses on the English folk hero Robin Hood. Like the hero it honors, it is the culmination of the anniversary’s theme of publicly sharing the mint’s silver.

This 1 oz Austrian silver coin GEM BU is made from .999 fine silver and features a glorious depiction of Robin Hood on its reverse. The obverse, meanwhile, joins the previous two coins in the series by displaying Duke Leopold V of Austria’s equestrian seal. This is both to honor Duke Leopold V as the Mint’s founder, and to allude to his hidden role in the Robin hood story. The Duke, it turns out, founded the mint using a silver treasure that explains a fascinating connection between the Austrian Mint and the English legend behind the coin.

Robin Hood features on the coin's obverse, nocking two arrows in his bow

“This 1 oz Austrian silver coin GEM BU is made from .999 fine silver”

At first glance, The Robin Hood myth has little to do with Austria. Instead, it focuses on England’s fate during the Third Crusade. During this time, King Richard the Lionheart was away leading Christian forces sieging the Muslim port city Acre. According to the myth, the villainous Prince John abused Richard’s absence to control England as he saw fit. He used his temporary rule as the second in line for the throne to extort unfair taxes from the English people. Robin of Loxley, a local lord loyal to Richard, then rose up to steal back the Prince’s ill-gotten gains. 

Though a fictional account, its basis lies in a real-life historical feud between Richard the Lionheart and Duke Leopold V. This also explains the legend’s connection to Austria, and why the mint would honor it. From roughly 1189 – 1191, Richard and Leopold actually did fight alongside each other during the Acre siege. The Christian armies eventually proved victorious, and their leaders raised their banners on the city to celebrate. The Duke raised his banner as well, as he lead the German forces in the battle. However, Richard cast down the Duke’s banner in offense. The English ruler wanted to make a point that, as a king, he stood above the Duke. Specifically, he claimed a simple Duke had no right to hang his banner at all. 

Duke Leopold V's equestrian banner features on the coin's reverse

“the English treasury paid Duke Leopold V 15 tons of silver”

After the Crusade, Richard traveled through Austria on his way back to England. Here, the Duke took revenge by capturing the King and holding him ransom. Eventually, the English treasury paid Duke Leopold V 15 tons of silver for Richard’s release. This ransom served as the basis for Prince John’s tax in the legend. In 1194, Duke Leopold V then used this silver to found the Austrian Mint. The Mint is now known for its fine silver products, such as it annual Austrian silver coin series honoring the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra.

Now, the Austrian Mint is seeking to emulate Robin Hood’s legend by making its silver treasure available to the public. As the final coin in the mint’s anniversary series, the 2019 Austria Robin Hood is minted from a full oz of .999 fine silver and features beautiful artwork honoring both Robin Hood and Duke Leopold. The coin’s reverse pictures Robin, hiding behind leaves in Sherwood forest and nocking two arrows in his bow. Meanwhile, the coin’s obverse features Leopold’s equestrian banner. Here, he rides to command his forces in battle while wielding both his shield and banner. Joining him are the coin’s year of mintage, denomination, weight, and the phrase “REPUBLIK ÖSTERREICH”. 

This coin is part of a limited anniversary series. We are excited to offer the boons of the Crusades to you when the treasure Robin Hood fought to reclaim becomes available on Bullion Exchanges later this October.

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