Yes, it happened… The Republic Metals Corporation (RMC) has changed the design for their 1 oz gold bars! The design change is seen on the physical 1-ounce gold bar itself and on the sealed packaging that comes with the solid gold bar. The RMC gold bar has been redesigned with a stylish new look to appeal to the modern day bullion stackers. With the all new satin background, all aspects of the bar stand out and shine like never before. On the obverse side the logo, weight, purity, and the refiners assayers stamp are all polished to make the appearance stand out compared to the old 1 oz gold RMC bar. On the reverse of this RMC gold bar, we see the refreshed logo all over the back with “Republic Metals Corporation” written in the center.

The RMC Gold 1 oz Bar Changes Described

The design of the packaging has also been renovated with tamper proof packaging and a unique serial number on each bar! This new bar and packaging design are sure to have these bars fly off the shelf! Be sure to pre-order the new RMC gold bar while supplies last!

The New RMC Gold 1 oz Bar Packaging Design Changes

Republic Metals Corporation, a Trusted Refinery!

Republic Metals Corporation opened its doors in 1980 by Richard Ruban. Since 1980 RMC has grown to be one of the leading and highly respected refinery corporations that it is today. RMC specializes in manufacturing gold bullion products as well as silver bullion products. Republic Metals Corporation produces a variety of differently sized bullion ranging from 1 gram RMC gold bars up to 400 oz RMC gold bars. Silver bullion ranges from 1 oz silver bars and rounds up to 1000 oz silver bars! Today RMC is a member of many certified precious metal groups and organizations to justify their credibility. RMC also became the first precious metals refinery in the United States to acquire an ISO:14001 registration. This certification recognizes companies that demonstrate a commitment to the reduction of negative environmental consequences resulting from business operations.


RMC Gold Bar

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