Australia’s renowned Perth Mint will release in November. It will feature five new exceptional coins. Let’s talk about the new Perth Mint Releases today!

Perth Mint Releases (For November)

1. 2016 ½ oz. Lynx Cubs Silver Proof Coin

2. 2017 ½ oz. Baby Rooster Silver Proof Coin

3. 2017 1 oz. Silver Gilded Year of the Rooster Coin

4. 2017 1 oz. Year of the Rooster Silver Proof High Relief Coin

5. 2017 $1 Australian Citizenship Coin, and a superb coin set, the 2016 Australian High Relief Silver Proof Three-Coin Collection.


Perth Mint Releases


November is a dazzling month for the Perth Mint. Check out these astounding silver coin releases:

Australia’s iconic wildlife symbols –

The 2016 High Relief Silver Proof 3-Coin set

The Perth Mint offers a fantastic coin set that includes three of its most popular coins. These include the Australian Kangaroo, Koala, and Kookaburra. Each coin from this exclusive set showcases Perth Mint’s minting excellence. They are 1 oz. of .999 fine silver in high relief proof quality.

The coins depict the famous Australian inhabitants. A kangaroo is resting on its haunches; a koala is walking along a eucalyptus branch, and a kookaburra perches on a fence. The reverse sides contain the name of the coin, the mintmark, and the year of issue. Also, both the reverse and obverse sides of each coin strike on concave surfaces. This is to assure their exquisite high relief and proof finish.

Perth Mint Releases

The Perth Mint provides this elegant set in a classic black presentation case. It comes with a beautifully illustrated shipper and a numbered Certificate of Authenticity. The collection has a minimal issue of only 1,000 sets.

5th issue in the adorable Cubs series – Lynx Cubs 2016 ½ Silver Proof Coin

Perth Mint will release the fifth and final coin in the charming Cub series – the cute lynx cubs. This stunning coin is ½ troy ounce of .999 fine silver. It’s in proof quality and has a mintage limit of just 5,000 coins.

Perth Mint Releases

This exceptional Tuvalu legal tender coin displays on its reverse side two lovely, colored lynx cubs in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. The “P” mintmark and the inscription “CUBS” encircle them. The beautiful lynx is a solitary cat that inhabits the northern forests of North America, Asia, and Europe. This superb feline has tufts of black hair on its ears. It also has a short, stubby tail and a thick fur that keeps it warm during freezing winters. The previous silver coins in the series featured the tiger, jaguar, snow leopard, and white lion.  All of them come in a special customized case. The Perth Mint also offers an elegant presentation box to display all of the five illustrated coin cases.

The 2017 $1 Australian Citizenship Coin

Perth Mint will soon release its 2017 Australian Citizenship $1 Coin. It is an annual commitment to celebrating the proud and joyful milestone of acquiring Australian Citizenship. This affordable yet fantastic legal tender coin is an exceptional gift. Make it a treasurable collectible. It commemorates the “Pledge of Commitment” – the moving event for many new Australians.

This outstanding aluminum-bronze coin features on its reverse side the Australian Commonwealth Coat of Arms. The Coat of Arms is a shield displaying the badges of the six States of the Commonwealth. An ermine border encloses the shield. This signifies the Australian Federation in 1901. “Australian Citizenship” encircles it.

Perth Mint Releases

The coin comes in a superb colored presentation card. The card incorporates a fold-out stand for upright display. The Certificate of Authenticity makes it a perfect keepsake for any Australian citizen.

The new 2017 lunar rooster coin editions

Perth Mint offers three excellent keepsakes for lunar series enthusiasts. They make perfect gifts for people born under the rooster sign. We offer the 2017 1 oz. Year of the Rooster Silver Proof High Relief Coin; the 2017 1 oz. Silver Gilded Year of the Rooster Coin; and the adorable 2017 ½ oz. Baby Rooster Silver Proof Coin.

There is a high relief proof edition of the 1 oz. Silver Year of the Rooster coin. These mints on a beautiful concave surface enhance its exquisite high relief and proof finish. This sensational coin is made from 1 troy ounce of .9999 fine silver. It has a mintage limit of just 7,500 pieces. 

The silver gilded version

This has a maximum mintage limit of 50,000 coins. It is made from 1 oz. of 99.99% silver. Additionally, it depicts a 24-Karat gold-gilded rooster. Both of these coins carry the same reverse design as the bullion and proof version. This design is the rooster with its three chicks and a hen standing amongst a field of flowers and bamboo. The ‘P’ mintmark follows them. Additionally, you’ll also find the Chinese character for ‘rooster’ and the engraving ‘Year of the Rooster.’

Perth Mint also delights its collectors with an excellent gift for any baby born in 2017. This is the ½ oz. Baby Rooster Silver Proof Coin. This beautiful 1 oz. .999 fine silver coin issues with a mintage limit of just 7,500 coins. It celebrates the Chinese ‘Year of the Rooster’ by displaying on its reverse side a colorful baby rooster against a backdrop of flowers. A Chinese character surrounds the cute image. It also showcases ‘rooster,’ the inscription ‘Year of the Rooster’, and the year of issue, weight, and purity of the coin.

Perth Mint Releases

These thrilling coins come in a classic black presentation case. However, the gilded version is also available for collectors in a special case for displaying the full 12 lunar coins set.


Perth Mint Releases – Obverse

The obverse sides of all the Perth Mint coins portray the famous effigy of Queen Elizabeth II. The portrait is a creation by Ian Rank-Broadley. You can also find the coin’s denomination, size and purity inscriptions, and the “Australia” engraving. (Except for the lynx cubs and baby rooster coins which contain the “Tuvalu” lettering).

About Perth Mint

Perth Mint is the most prestigious Australian Mint. It started in 1899 by the Royal Mint. The British Mint had its first branch after Britons discovered vast gold deposits in Australia. COMEX, DMCC, TOCOM, and LBM accredits this premium refinery. It is famous for the production of splendid bullion items. These items include gold bars, coins, and silver coins, including the Lunar and Kangaroo series. The mint is also internationally renowned for creating the most elegant gold plate. This plate is 13 troy ounces of .999999 pure gold. It was available in 1957, which became a benchmark by the Royal Mint.


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