Silver Ducky…You’re the One!

PAMP Suisse celebrates the innocence of youth and appreciation for nostalgia with the release of the new 30 gram PAMP Suisse Rubber Duck PEZ Dispenser & Silver Wafers. Now offered by Bullion Exchanges, these adorable, fully-functional PEZ Dispensers arrive with 6 units of .9999 fine silver bars. Each bar weighs 5 grams, culminating in a total weight of 0.96 troy oz. Additionally, the silver bars and authentic rubber duck dispenser comes packaged in an official PAMP box with the PEZ logo, along with a certificate of authenticity. Furthermore, PAMP Suisse only produced a limited mintage of 3,000 sets, enhancing their collector appeal. Proudly display these enticing reverse-proof silver PEZ bars as part of your growing portfolio. Embrace your inner child and purchase one of these whimsical Rubber Duck PEZ Dispensers and Silver Wafer set today!

Rubber Duck PEZ Dispenser Box

The “Haastory” of PEZ 

In 1927, an Austrian businessman named Eduard Haas III created a special flat candy using peppermint oil. Therefore, he appropriately named it PEZ, after the German word for peppermint “Pfefferminz”. After originally gaining popularity as an “anti-smoking” mint, Haas and his colleagues consequently developed small dispensers shaped like lighters in 1947. Although PEZ candies were originally round ‘PEZ Drops,’ they were quickly changed to the familiar brick shape still used today. Following its success in Europe, the company shifted its base of operations to New York City in 1952, the same year the PEZ products hit American shelves. Then, in 1957, PEZ released the first traditional head dispenser: The Halloween Witch. In addition, Popeye was introduced the next year as the first licensed character featured on a dispenser. The first American PEZ factory opened in Connecticut in 1973, which ushered in a new age for the company.

Delightful Ducky Design

The front of the silver wafer bars displays a playful PAMP logo, as well as a depiction of a rubber duck. Additionally, the center of the bar shows the weight and purity of the bar.

Silver Duck PEZ Dispenser Front

The back of the 5-gram silver bars showcases the PEZ logo.

Silver Duck PEZ Dispenser Back


  • Limited mintage of only 3,000 
  • Contains six 5-gram silver ingots, each struck from .9999 fine silver
  • Improved and reinforced packaging
  • Manufactured by PAMP Suisse
  • Unique rubber duck design located on the front of each bar
  • Beautiful reverse proof finish on each bar
  • Bars arrive packed together in one capsule along with an authentic PEZ dispenser 
  • Includes a fully-functioning Rubber Duck PEZ dispenser accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity 
  • Front: Shows the weight and purity of the bar in the center, between the letters “PAMP”. A rendering of a classic rubber duck also appears on the front.
  • Back: Features the PEZ logo.

PEZ Silver Wafer Bar Refills

Also available now is the 30 gram PAMP Suisse PEZ Silver Wafers Refills 6-Unit Set! These new silver wafers are also made with .9999 pure silver, and each individual silver wafer weighs 5 grams for a collective 30 grams. With this brand new PAMP Suisse release, you can fill any PEZ dispenser with the PEZ silver wafer bars. However, keep in mind that PEZ dispensers house twelve wafers. Therefore, if you want to fill a PEZ dispenser with silver wafer bars, you should consider grabbing two of the Refills 6-Unit set.

30 gram PAMP Suisse PEZ Silver Wafers Refills 6-Unit Set Bullion Exchanges

Product Features: 

  • Contains six 5-gram silver ingots, each struck from .9999 fine silver
  • Manufactured by PAMP Suisse
  • Can fit inside any PEZ dispensor
  • Beautiful reverse proof finish on each bar
  • Bars arrive packed together in one capsule
  • Front: Displays the PAMP Suisse logo, weight, and purity of the bar.
  • Back: Showcases the PEZ logo

About PAMP Suisse

PAMP Suisse refinery, founded in 1977, provides high-quality bullion products for collectors worldwide. In 2019, they released the first-ever PEZ Silver dispenser set which sold out within 24 hours. Due to this monumental success, PAMP will continue the PEZ series with the rubber duck dispenser, as well as other fun dispenser designs coming later this year!

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