The Coin You Need to “Sea” to Believe!

We scouted prey with the “Hunters of the Deep” and flew high with “Hunters of the Sky” Now, thanks to PAMP Suisses new “Giants of the Galápagos” series, investors worldwide can go swimming with sea creatures! Bullion Exchanges offers the first release in this brand-new series, the 2020 1 oz Silver Colorized Giant Seahorse Solomon Islands $2 Coin. This .9999 fine silver coin weighs 1 troy ounce and features a gorgeous reverse-proof finish as well as a colorized design. The coin’s shape, extended to fit the aquatic creature’s entire form, gives the coin an incredibly special appearance. Only 2,500 of these individually serialized coins have been minted. Therefore, collectors will have to act fast to add the world’s first legal tender seahorse coin to their portfolio! Also keep an eye out for the upcoming releases in this larger-than-life series, the Giant Manta and the Giant Tortoise

The Great Galápagos Islands

The Galápagos Islands, together with their neighboring waters, comprise the Galápagos Province of Ecuador, the Galápagos National Park, and the Galápagos Marine Reserve. Charles Darwin, the famous English naturalist, and biologist, notably studied the native wildlife on the islands. Subsequently, these studies contributed to Darwin’s research for the Theory of Evolution. However, Darwin was neither the first nor the last researcher to visit the Galápagos Islands. Many other knowledge-seekers have also visited the islands to examine its rich, unique ecosystem, including Fray Tomás de Berlanga (the Bishop of Panama) and Herman Melville.

The Super-Sized Seahorse

The Giant Seahorse, commonly referred to as the Pacific Seahorse (“Hippocampus ingens”), is the only seahorse species found near the Galápagos Islands in the Eastern Pacific Ocean. Seahorses tend to engage in monogamous mating and undergo lengthy embryonic development. Because of this, they do not repopulate fast enough to keep up with overharvesting by humans, which harms their population. Therefore, Pacific Seahorses are currently classified as a “Vulnerable Species.” While this coin provides fans of the sea a way to bring a bit of underwater flair to their portfolio, it also serves an important purpose. Specifically, the coin design also raises awareness of the creatures’ “at-risk” situation.

Deep-Sea Giant Seahorse Coin Design

The obverse of the seahorse coin features the Right-facing bust of Queen Elizabeth II, designed by Ian Rank-Broadley. Additionally, the queen wears her royal crown and elegant jewelry. Finally, inscriptions surround her bust, with an individualized serial number at the bottom.

The reverse of the coin showcases the stunning Giant Seahorse coin, colorized in bright yellow, in the center of the coin. Detailed coral reefs appear in the background, without added color. Inscriptions also appear around the rim of the coin.

Product Features:

2020 1 oz Colorized Silver Giant Seahorse Solomon Islands $2 Coin Bullion Exchanges

  • Limited Mintage of 2,500
  • Struck from .9999 fine silver with a weight of 1 troy oz
  • First-ever legal tender Seahorse shaped coin
  • Colorized design
  • $2 Face Value
  • Individually Serialized
  • Produced by PAMP Suisse
  • Comes in a custom capsule inside a CD style booklet
  • Obverse: Displays bust of Queen Elizabeth II wearing her crown and jewels. Inscriptions: “ELIZABETH II”, “SOLOMON ISLANDS”, “2020”, “2 DOLLARS”, and also a unique serial number
  • Reverse: Features a detailed colorized design of a Pacific Seahorse against a background of coral reefs. Inscriptions: “GIANTS OF THE GALAPAGOS ISLANDS”, as well as the weight and purity of the coin

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Bullion Exchanges is a top-rated, trusted, and accredited retailer in Manhattan. Bullion Exchanges proudly provides a large selection of PAMP Suisse silver products, including this 2020 1 oz Silver Colorized Giant Seahorse Coin. Explore our other vast inventory of Oceania Silver Coins as well, including the 2020 Hologram UFO Alien coin and the 2020 6 gram Fiji Coca-Cola Bottle Cap Coin. When you purchase from Bullion Exchanges, we will securely package and deliver your order to your address. We are still working hard for our valued customers, and we handle products with the highest care. If you have any questions, please contact us. We will be happy to assist you.

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  1. You have a great collection of PAMP Suisse silver coins. PAMP Suisse brand is well known and trusted globally for its quality. Generally, we need to pay more for these branded bars and for some sizes as they are minted with a unique serial number like 1 oz PAMP Suisse silver bar which resembles the weight and brand of the bar. Buying these from an established dealer like you is a good idea.

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