Bullion Exchanges is proud to present you with PAMP Suisse Custom Minting Services. This signature new service from PAMP grants customers the ability to create unique custom designed products.

PAMP Suisse is known for its highly-valued Fortuna Bars and In-Assay products. Also every year, they regularly come out with signature products that are immediately scooped up by collectors and investors.

Now, PAMP is going to provide customers with options to create their own products. So, imagine having the ability to hold an individual product that has been customized and tailored just for you! These products will feature optional enhancements that will make your product stand out from anything else in your collection.

Custom Minting Enhancements Offered:

  • Gold and bi-metal plating
  • Frosted, satin, and high-polish finishes
  • Artistic tarnishing finishes
  • Set-gem alterations
  • Hologram and precision color applications

PAMP has also partnered with Swarovski to add crystal stones of various colors and sizes to products.

You’ll have options of various shapes that include convex bars. Or, custom-tailored complex shapes. Then there is two-in-one shapes that allow pieces to pop out and fit in just like a jigsaw puzzle. As well as edgeless minting which allows customers to design their products just like an actual puzzle!

With virtually limitless options, the only thing to hold you back will be your imagination. So, let your inner designer out.  

Bullion Exchanges can’t wait to hear what you think about this new service out from PAMP Suisse. So, be sure to discuss below. And, remember that for any questions about PAMP or their products, look no further than BullionExchanges.com. Finally, you can send us a message using our convenient site portal.

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