Releasing the Predator – Great White Shark Silver Coin

A few weeks shy of Shark Week 2019, PAMP Suisse announced the new Hunters of the Deep coin series. The highly anticipated, PAMP three coin series will start off with the famed deep-sea predator, the Great White Shark coin. PAMP plans on releasing the first of the aquatic beast, shark-shaped coins on July 15th, 2019. These Silver Great White Shark Solomon Islands coins will be mostly flat like normal relief coins but will differ in their unusual shark shape. The first release of the PAMP silver shark coin will feature a detailed outline of the Great White Shark with anatomic carvings which brings the shark to life.

Hunters of the Deep Shark Coin

About the Carnivorous Coin

The coin creators wanted to draw the focus to the beautiful Great White Shark design. Therefore, the obverse of the coin contains all the inscriptions, leaving only the fun shark design for the reverse. The reverse of this .9999 silver 1 troy ounce silver shark coin looks remarkably like a miniature version of the feared Great White Shark. Don’t worry, it won’t bite! The inscriptions on the obverse include “GREAT WHITE SHARK”, the weight, purity, and a unique serial number. The obverse displays the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II encircled by the inscriptions of her name, “SOLOMON ISLANDS”, as well as the denomination and date. 

Shark coin obverse Shark coin reverse

Hunters of the Deep Series

PAMP Suisse plans on minting 2,500 of the incredible 2019 1 oz Silver Great White Shark coins. Each coin from the Hunters of the Deep series comes in a capsule, along with an informative booklet about the Great White Shark. The three coin shark series will be produced by PAMP and issued by Manfra, Tordella & Brookes. MTB is the oldest precious metal dealer in the United States. They will be releasing the next coins in the series as well. The Hammerhead Shark and Tiger Shark will follow the Great White Shark as the rumored subsequent releases.

Fun Facts about the Great White Shark

Found in all major oceans, this apex predator continues to be one of the most awe-inspiring creatures of the sea. The Great White Shark fears no natural predators other than the Orca (Killer Whale). Previously estimated around 30 years, the lifespan of the Great White Shark is now thought to be at least 70 years. Adult Great White Sharks usually grow to over 20 feet long. Although, reports exist of these intimidating sharks found measuring over 26 feet long! Additionally, these aquatic predators grow to large sizes of 2.5 tons. They are also able to accelerate to speeds exceeding 35 mph. Suffice it to say, buying a Great White Shark coin provides a safe way to appreciate these fierce oceanic animals.  

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