The Valorous First Release In the Spectacular Series: “Victory”

Bullion Exchanges presents the 2021 St. Helena 1 oz Silver The Queen’s Virtues – Victory Coin, the first release in a new six-coin series named “The Queen’s Virtues”. This collection celebrates core principles first established by Queen Victoria in the 1800s, which Queen Elizabeth II still models to this day. This Brilliant Uncirculated coin weighs 1 troy ounce and contains .999 fine silver, making it an appealing addition for any growing portfolio. Considered the official legal tender of issuing country St. Helena, this coin bears a £1 (SHP) denomination. Add this 2021 1 oz Silver The Queen’s Virtues coin to your cart now to emerge victorious with a desirable new purchase!

Six Significant Virtues Star in this Scintillating Series

The first allegorical display of the Queen’s six virtues was featured on the Victoria Memorial, located outside Buckingham Palace. The Winged Angel of Victory appears at the top of the monument, with statuesque representations of Courage and Constancy crouched at her feet. Lastly, the final three personified virtues, Truth, Justice, and Charity, pose around the monument’s base. These six virtues provide a positive paragon for people everywhere to strive towards. Start compiling this character-building coin series today!

This Conquering Coin Comes Out On Top

The first coin in this historic Queen’s Virtues series honors “Victory”, which is said to be an achievement of mastery as well as triumph over one’s enemy. Victory also signals the end of conflict and promotes the celebration of peace. Interestingly, the Queen as Sovereign is the only person capable of formally declaring war since she holds the position of Head of the Armed Forces.

Inspiring Imagery On A Compelling Coin

The obverse of the Victory Coin showcases the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II, designed by British sculptor Raphael Maklouf. The Queen’s name, country of issue, denomination, year of mintage, and weight and purity surround the coin’s rim. Also, the background displays an intricate geometric pattern. 

Victory Silver Coin

The reverse features Winged Victory, inspired by the statue on the Victoria Memorial. Designed by Dutch artist Elles Kloosterman, Victory faces left and holds a victor’s palm in her left hand. The palm branch originates from the ancient Middle East and symbolizes victory, success, and peace. Additionally, Victory is also shown stretching out her right arm in triumph. A background of shapes similar to the one on the obverse fills the field. Finally, the phrase “Victory Through Harmony” borders the left and top side of the coin, while the EIC privy mark appears on the lower right. 


Victory Silver Coin

Coin Specifications:

  • First release in the new “Queen’s Virtues” coin series
  • Made from.999 fine silver with a weight of 1 troy oz
  • Brilliant Uncirculated Condition
  • Face value of  £1 SHP (St. Helena Pound)
  • St. Helena Legal Tender
  • Individual coins come in plastic flips. Lots of 20 come in mint-issued tubes, lots of 500 arrive in monster boxes
  • Obverse: Presents a right-facing bust of Queen Elizabeth II designed by Raphael Maklouf, along with the inscriptions: “QUEEN ELIZABETH II,” “ST. HELENA”, “2021”,  “£1” as well as the coin’s weight and purity.
  • Reverse: Depicts the image of Winged Victory, designed by Dutch artist Elles Kloosterman. Victory holds a victor’s palm in her left arm while extending her right arm in triumph. Inscriptions include: “VICTORY THROUGH HARMONY” as well as the EIC’s privy mark.

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Explore Bullion Exchanges’ impressive inventory of Silver Coins from around the world, including this 2021 St. Helena 1 oz Silver Victory Coin. We also encourage you to  grab some Gold and Silver coins from the British Royal Mint! For more artistic depictions of Winged Victory, make sure to visit our Silver Mexican Libertad listings. Once you place an order, Bullion Exchanges will safely package and ship your items to the address provided. Please do not hesitate to reach out to our helpful customer service representatives with any questions.

Keep an eye out for the next 5 coins in the series!



  1. Beautiful! When are the other coins in this series being released?

    • Great question! While the release schedule has not been made public, we anticipate a yearly release for this series.
      We will be updating this blog post as more information is revealed, so feel free to keep checking back with us.

  2. Very fine description of the artist’s inspiration for the first coin of the Queen’s Virtues series, “Victory”. The coin is handsomely done.

  3. So lovely and inspirational! Is there a limited quantity of these coins?

    • Great question!
      The maximum mintage number for the Silver Victory coin is 2,500, meaning no more than 2,500 will be produced in total. However, the actual mintage number may differ based on worldwide demand.

  4. Scott Engebrit

    Who is the manufacturer of these coins, is it part of the Royal mint?

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