Bullion Exchanges is happy to announce that we now carry the British Royal Mint’s 2020 Silver and Gold bullion coins commemorating the year of the rat. These coins are the latest release in the Royal Mint’s Shengxiao, or “Chinese Zodiac,” collection. This British lunar coins series began in 2014 with the year of the horse, and is highly prized by collectors for its cyclical issues.

In 2020, the Royal Mint celebrates the year of the rat, which makes for the Shengxiao Collection’s seventh release. The rat is the first animal in the zodiac cycle, and is known for being a clever trickster. In the race to determine the zodiac’s order, the rat asked the ox to ferry it across the river blocking the Jade Emperor’s palace entrance. It then jumped off the ox at the last second to steal first place. Thus, people born under the rat sign are often intelligent, adaptable, and optimistic. This makes the year of the rat coin a perfect addition to any shrewd financial portfolio.

“people born under the rat sign are often intelligent, adaptable, and optimistic”

The reverse of this coin features a rat as it emerges from a field of blossoming flowers. It is glancing over its back, as if taking in the rest of the zodiac animals behind it. The Chinese character for “rat” features over its shoulder. An inscription for “YEAR OF THE RAT” surrounds the rim of the coin.

As with many British bullion coins, the obverse features Jody Clark’s famous bust of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. This stunning effigy shows the monarch in her royal crown and wearing elegant earrings. The coin’s denomination is printed on the coin’s rim.

A stunning year of the rat coin features a rat among a field of flowers


British Royal Mint lunar series coins are some of our most popular items. In particular, the British year of the rat coin makes a beautiful gift for anyone born under the rat. As 1960 was a previous year of the rat, any relatives turning 60 are especially sure to appreciate starting their golden years with this coin.

To secure your own year of the rat coin while supplies last, visit Bullion Exchanges.

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